Randy’s Review of She Wore Mourning

Another review by my sweet hubby! He really enjoyed this one.

She Wore Mourning

Zachary Goldman is a Private Investigator who is messed up. Add in a crazy ex-wife, and together they made one ugly recipe. The one thing Zachary can keep on track in his life is his work.

Well, that is up until now. He finds himself taking a case that everyone tells him it is an open-and-shut case. There is nothing there. But who speaks for Declan Bond? Declan’s death was investigated, but all the evidence points to an accident. Something drives Zachary to pursue it, a choice that turns his life upside down.

There are plenty of suspects. Was it a stranger? Could it be the mother, Isabella Hildebrandt, who is battling depression? Or Spencer, the father, the caregiver with a big heart? Then there is meddling mother-in-law Molly, who demands answers which cause more trouble than she is worth.

Zachary does himself no favours with his mixed-up social life, seeing new love interest Kenzie while hoping to reconcile with Bridget, the ex-wife who cannot make up her mind whether to smack him or help him. Zachary just can’t seem to let her go.

Zachary’s wacky life will draw you in. A wonderful, offbeat mystery that you won’t be able to put down.

Tell me what you think!

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