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We live in an amazing time, with millions of books available at the click of a button. You probably know that there are hundreds of literary classics available through Project Gutenberg and many other sources.

You may have downloaded some of these books in the past for your own enjoyment, a book club, or your homeschool curriculum. You may have experienced frustration trying to figure out how to side-load one of these books onto your Kindle or Kindle App, only to find that the formatting was wonky or there was no table of contents for navigation.

Even books purchased through Amazon or the Kindle store might have disclaimers that the book might have imperfections such as poor picture quality, blurred or missing text. Or alternatively, they might have been produced relying solely on Optical Character Recognition and therefore include formatting errors, misspelled words, or the presence of inappropriate characters.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]If you’re reading a classic, you may find that you need to look background information or archaic words up or search for discussion questions for your book club or extension activities for your home education curriculum.

I have tried to overcome some of these issues for you by curating a selection of classic reads. I have read, proofed, and annotated each book. While I won’t claim that they are perfect, (please let me know if you find any mistakes!) I have done my best to produce a quality product for you.

My classic publications are available in Kindle or paperback format and are currently divided into:
Workman Classic Schoolbooks

Books specially selected for your child’s literature studies, designed with curriculae like Charlotte Mason or Thomas Jefferson Education in mind. These books incorporate features like background, footnotes, vocabulary, comprehension questions, extension activities, and biographies.  I have a special place in my heart for literature of interest to boys, so expect to see some high-adventure books included.

Workman Family Classics

advent reader kindleBooks selected and designed for families to read aloud together. These books include many similar features to Workman Classic Schoolbooks, but may also include features such as daily reading schedules, companion scripture verses, and open-ended questions designed to promote family discussion.

More books and additional classifications will be added over the coming  months, so come back often to see what is available! Sign up for my newsletter to be informed as new books come out.

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He Was Walking Alone

He Was Walking Alone

(Book #4) Richard Harding was walking alone when he was struck by a vehicle and died. A tragic accident that was no one’s fault.

But if that was so, then why was his girlfriend so sure that it was intentional homicide? Zachary Goldman is on the case. With Christmas approaching, he is as determined to distract himself from his own troubles as he is to ferret out the truth of Harding’s death. 

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