Excerpt from V is for Vengeance

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It’s been years since I read one of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone books. I think it was somewhere around the middle of the alphabet! I’m most of the way through V is for Vengeance now, and enjoying sassy P.I. Kinsey’s adventures as she tries to sort out the mystery behind an apparent suicide.

Dante was under indictment on racketeering charges, and Phillips had expected an atmosphere both tense and sinister. He’d worn an expensive sport coat, thinking to show respect, but now he realized the image was all wrong.

Sue Grafton, V is for Vengeance

A woman with a murky past who kills herself-or was it murder? A spoiled kid awash in gambling debt who thinks he can beat the system. A lovely woman whose life is about to splinter into a thousand fragments. A professional shoplifting ring working for the Mob, racking up millions from stolen goods. A wandering husband, rich and ruthless. A dirty cop so entrenched on the force he is immune to exposure. A sinister gangster, conscienceless and brutal. A lonely widower mourning the death of his lover, desperate for answers, which may be worse than the pain of his loss. A private detective, Kinsey Millhone, whose thirty-eighth-birthday gift is a punch in the face that leaves her with two black eyes and a busted nose.

And an elegant and powerful businessman whose dealings are definitely outside the law: the magus at the center of the web.


  1. I am way behind in this series.

  2. I read the first two in the series, but I haven ‘t read on yet. Wondering what was wrong with the image he was projecting. My Teaser is from The Dire King by William Ritter – a YA title.

  3. I love this series! I have read them all, (I think!). Today I just got the “Y” book: Y is for Yesterday.

    Here’s mine today: “THE GOOD DAUGHTER”

  4. I really enjoyed this one – I haven’t read the final two in the series, because I don’t want to reach the end… My TT this week is another paranormal murder mystery – I’m having so much fun with these:) https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2017/08/22/teaser-tuesday-22th-august-2017/

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