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Box Set Bonanza

There are some fantastic boxed set deals at the Kindle store, and LoveBooks has gathered a bunch of them for you! And you also get a chance to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card… which will buy you a lot more books!  

Mystery/Thriller Instafreebies

Looking for a Mystery, Thriller and Suspense giveaway? Hope on over to David F. Berens’ Instafreebie giveaway. You’ll find some amazing samples, short stories, novellas, and full-length novels to download for free. 

Excerpt from The Third Gate

In case you missed it, I released She Wore Mourning on Friday. One reader emailed me to say, “WOW WOW!! It’s like all my favorite old detective shows brought up to the 21st century… you know, like Perry Mason, Jim Rockford and on and on!” I hope you will like the first of the Zachary […]

Review of Endless Change

A review by my hubby of Endless Change, originally posted on Flamestr’s Thoughts. Thank you, sweetie! How far would a teenager go to keep a girl?  How much would he do to impress a girl?  Parker is a shy, typically awkward guy who has never attracted a girl. He is just in his own little […]

It’s here! She Wore Mourning and other new releases

Book 1 of the new Zachary Goldman Mysteries, She Wore Mourning, is out! (Be sure to scroll down for more new releases!) Private Investigator Zachary Goldman’s life isn’t all roses, but he tries to put his own shattered life behind him to investigate the death of five-year-old Declan Bond. Declan’s death has been ruled an […]

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