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Young Adult HOT Books and Previews!

Head on over to Sarah K.L. Wilson’s site for a selection of Young Adult free previews and full novels. The full-length novels are further down the page, and you can pick up a free copy of Questing for a Dream!

Excerpt from The Throwaway Children

On Friday, I released Chloe, Between the Cracks #4. Read a sampleĀ orĀ pick up your copy today! And yesterday, I finished the first draft of book one of a new series: Gluten-Free Murder. My first cozy mystery. Don’t you just love the cute cover? Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme. Read the rules and more […]

The New Releases You’ve Been Waiting For: Chloe and more

Book 4 of the Between the Cracks series is now out! Pick up your copy of Chloe today. Even if you haven’t read the rest of the series, Chloe can be read as a stand alone book. Read more about Chloe or scroll down for more new releases! Description Chloe had always been the perfect […]

Excerpt from The Cursed Child, by JK Rowling

This Friday, I will be releasing Chloe, Between the Cracks #4. Before then, you can sign up for the Goodreads Giveaway for a chance to win a free paperback copy, download Ruby, Between the Cracks, the first book in the series, or read a sample of Chloe. Then, of course, watch here or on my […]

Review of Mito

My sweet hubby has posted another book review on his blog. This time, about Mito, Medical Kidnap Files #1: If you want real insight into disease, you can come to the right place. Pam gives you a perfect insight into the life of a teenager you do not want to be. Gabriel has been one […]

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