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New Releases

chloe-mockupmito mockup eds-mockupproxy-mockup


tattooed mockup-1ruby-3d-mockup

Young Adult

Between the Cracks series

ruby-3d-mockupmockup-1michelle mockup 1chloe-mockup

Breaking the Pattern series

dev-mockup1-newdiv-mockup1-new copyby-pass mockup

Medical Kidnap Files

mito mockupeds-mockupproxy-mockup  

Stand-alone novels

intersexion 3d mockup 1 tattooed mockup-1 dream-mockup-1 cynthia-mockup1 steven mock-up-1 believe-mock-up-6 3d-mockup-1

Adult (mystery/suspense)

3D MOCKUP 1 lion-mock-1 pursued mockuptick mockupdogs mockup


boys-Mockup3 girls mockup dark is deepest 


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