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Here is another blog by my hubby, Randy!

P.D. Workman has written many books, and each time I think she can’t surprise me, she does. The characters she has brought to life stir emotions in me that I didn’t know I had.

Pam has the incredible talent of bringing her characters to life. She reels us in because they are believable. She has me forgetting that the book is fiction. As an author, she has the uncanny ability to scare you with a story because it could easily be true. Trust me; I watch her at times doing so much research; she catches me once in a while staring at her with admiration. I admire her ability to write. She is a very talented author who is only going to get better.

So, it is very hard for me to pick out my top five characters from Pam’s books. There is a huge assortment of characters to chose from. But I will take a shot at this. Here goes.

Abe – Looking Over Your Shoulder

The reason I love Abe is he reminds me of myself. When I was growing up, I often thought people were out to get me and often questioned their motives for being nice. Abe is a believable person with the real personality. I love the way Pam portrayed him. She is dead on with his character.

Looking Over Your Shoulder

Nadie – Questing for a Dream

Nadie is a typical teenager who thinks she knows everything. After facing a tragedy, she goes out to confront the world. She faces her demons to find meaning in her life. As a parent, you want to choke her, then hug her for dear life. She is a lovable hateable (I know it has to be a word) character. She is a believable character who will tug at your heartstrings.

Questing for a Dream

Gabriel – Mito, Medical Kidnap Files

Gabriel is man’s man. He is there for the people who can’t speak. His determination to fight for those who can’t speak. He trusts no one; he has the determination I wish I had. In a way, he represents the rebel in all of us. I find myself pulling for him throughout all the series.


Bobby – By-Pass, Breaking the Pattern Series

Bobby is a teenager who pretty much lost in the system. Has never found a place where he has fit in. He still has that will to be happy. To find his niche somewhere, anywhere he can be happy. Against all the odds, he still finds enough love in his heart to trust one more time. You will find yourself pulling hoping maybe this time he will find the right home.


Kelli – Making Her Mark

A compelling teenager who is not completely satisfied with who she is. Somehow, she feels her mother is hiding something. She has never been one to settle. She will not rest until she finds the truth. You will love her desire to be loved. You will be heartbroken for how hard it is for her to find. A real life character who everyone can relate to.

Making Her Mark



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