Excerpt from Hide Your Fear

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I’m in the middle of an intriguing mystery/thriller right now. Hide Your Fear by Kevin O’Brien. I have an idea of how all of the clues fit together and who the culprit is, but I’m not quite sure yet! It’s not quite your usual serial killer thriller.

“I’ve got a ride,” Aaron said, sitting down on a bench to put on his sneakers. “My aunt lives close by, and she’s picking me up.” That was a lie. To get to the meet, Aaron had ridden his bike to the downtown stop in Mount Vernon and loaded it on the rack at the front of the public bus. Then after thirty minutes, he got off in Everett and furiously pedaled to the high school.

Kevin O’Brien, Hide Your Fear

A home provides more than comfort and shelter. It stores memories . . . and hides secrets. Divorcée Caitlin Stoller and her children recently moved into a charming old Tudor-style house in the coastal town of Echo, Washington. The place was a bargain, but as weeks pass, Caitlin starts receiving messages—first friendly, then unsettling, hinting at the property’s dark past . . .

Caitlin’s teenage daughter, Lindsay, isn’t fitting in at school. To make matters worse, there are stories about local high school students who’ve disappeared without a trace—all star athletes, like Lindsay. Then there are the rumors that their new home is cursed. Caitlin doesn’t want to believe the whispers, but something strange is going on. Personal items go missing, and there are too many accidents . . .

The Watcher knows how to get inside the Stollers’ home—and inside their heads. The rumors are true . . . but the full horror is even worse. There’s no escaping the nightmare that started here long ago, and no place to hide from a killer who knows exactly how this story will end…



  1. Like the sound of this book.

  2. This one does sound chilling – I love the quote:). My TT this week is a sci fi murder mystery – https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/teaser-tuesday-15th-august-2017/

  3. Sounds chilling. Might need to read it with the lights on. My Teaser

  4. Sounds like one I would enjoy….thanks for sharing! Here’s mine: “CRIME SCENE”

  5. Sounds scary! I hope you enjoy!

    Here’s my teaser:



  6. Kathy Martin says:

    This sounds really creepy and intriguing. My adult and YA teasers are here. Happy reading!

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