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Happy New Year, all! I hope you have a fantastic 2015. I’ve decided to follow the principle “take a trip to the ER the first week of the year, and nothing worse will happen all year…” But I am on the mend.

I am currently reading John Grisham’s The Litigators. I am a big fan of Grisham; I love legal thrillers and his Skipping Christmas (the book that “Christmas with the Kranks” was based on). But I did not enjoy The Painted House. Some of my favorites are linked below.

Here is a teaser for you:

The elevator stopped at the eightieth floor, and two secretaries started to enter. They paused momentarily when confronted with David sitting in a corner, briefcase at his side. Carefully, they stepped over his legs and waited for the door to close. “Are you okay?” one asked. “Fine,” David answered. “And you?”

John Grisham, The Litigators

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The partners at Finley & Figg often refer to themselves as a “boutique law firm.” Boutique, as in chic, selective, and prosperous. Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are none of these things. They are a two-bit operation of ambulance chasers who bicker like an old married couple. Until change comes their way—or, more accurately, stumbles in. After leaving a fast-track career and going on a serious bender, David Zinc is sober, unemployed, and desperate enough to take a job at Finley & Figg.

Now the firm is ready to tackle a case that could make the partners rich—without requiring them to actually practice much law. A class action suit has been brought against Varrick Labs, a pharmaceutical giant with annual sales of $25 billion, alleging that Krayoxx, its most popular drug, causes heart attacks. Wally smells money. All Finley & Figg has to do is find a handful of Krayoxx users to join the suit. It almost seems too good to be true . . . and it is.

Some of my favorites:

The Client

The Pelican Brief

The Firm

The Associate





  1. Haha, that sounds like fun. I haven’t read any John Grisham novels before, but you definitely make me want to pick up this one. 😀

  2. Awesome! I love a good legal thriller!

  3. Grisham doing a screwball comedy as someone mentioned above? Really? That has me excited about reading him again!

  4. I have enjoyed several Grisham novels…this one sounds good.

  5. heard about the author before. I think I should try to read one of his works. thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Something tells me he is not fine!

  7. I absolutely love John Grisham; he is my favorite author in terms of legal thrillers. I have yet to read this one though, thanks for featuring it and reminding me to get my hands on it! Have a wonderful week 🙂

  8. This is a good one. I used to read all of his books but then some of them didn’t click with me. His earlier books are the best.
    Here’s my TT – http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/01/06/teaser-tuesdays-94-awol/

  9. I love Grisham too! My to read list has many of his books that I will one day read.

  10. Interesting Teaser! I’ve never heard of this book before, I’ll have to check it out on goodreads! Enjoy!

    Thanks stopping by my TT @ Addicted Readers! 🙂

  11. thanks for visiting my blog. I loved skipping christmas and the film too
    Gill x

  12. To my shame I haven’t read any of Grisham’s books, before I started book blogging I imagined they weren’t for me but now I think they probably are! I’m aiming to read one in 2015! Thanks for visiting my TT https://cleopatralovesbooks.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/teaser-tuesday-january-6/

  13. oh I love Grisham! I haven’t read one in a while but now I want too. Great teaser. Thanks for stopping by my TT http://cynthiastacey.com/2015/01/06/teaser-tuesday-jan-6/

  14. Trips to the ER are no fun. What a way to start the year!

    Happy reading! I’ve never read John Grisham – shocking, I know. Hope you are enjoying it!

  15. This was an odd one for Grisham, almost a screwball comedy. It was fun, though, and a lot more enjoyable than say…”The Racketeer”.

  16. Thanks! I’ve not read much in the way of legal thrillers – I thought I’d get bogged down in details, lol. But I read one late last year and it was a breathless ride. Now I want to try more and who better than Grisham!

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