Excerpt from Departure

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I finished Never Go Back by Lee Child, and quite enjoyed it. Simultaneously, I have been reading Departure by A.G. Riddle. I listened to A.G. Riddle on Simon Whistler’s Rocking Self-Publishing podcast back in October, so when I saw his name, I picked it up. I don’t know if I realized when I picked it up that it was a time-travel/apocalyptic book, but I didn’t remember that part when I picked it up off my shelf to read, and it was a bit of a shock when I hit about chapter 11. I’m not sure what I think about it yet; I find the character development less believable than the time travel element, but we’ll see how it all works out.

On to the teaser:

The plane’s gone. Almost all of it. The first-class and business-class cabins are all that’s left. Just beyond the business section, tree branches criss-cross the ragged opening. Around the edges, electrical pops flash against the dark forest.

A.G. Riddle, Departure

departureFlight 305 took off in 2014…
But it crashed in a world very different from our own…

With time running out, five strangers must unravel why they were taken…
And how to get home.


Harper Lane has problems. In a few hours, she’ll have to make a decision that will change her life forever. But when her flight from New York to London crash-lands in the English countryside, she discovers that she’s made of tougher stuff than she ever imagined.

As Harper and the survivors of Flight 305 struggle to stay alive in the aftermath of the crash, they soon realize that this world is very different from the one they left. Their lives are connected, and some believe they’ve been brought here for a reason.

In addition to Harper, several other passengers seem to hold clues about why Flight 305 crashed. There’s:

Nick Stone, an American on his way to a meeting with The Gibraltar Project, an international group dedicated to building a dam across the Strait of Gibraltar and draining the Mediterranean.

Sabrina Schröder, a German scientist who has unknowingly sealed the fate of half the flight’s passengers.

Yul Tan, a Chinese-American computer scientist who has just made the breakthrough of a lifetime: a quantum internet capable of transmitting more data, farther, faster than ever thought possible. His invention, however, does much more than he ever dreamed possible.

With time running out to save the survivors of Flight 305, Harper and Nick race to unravel the conspiracy that crashed their plane. As they put the pieces together, they discover that their decisions have already doomed one world and will soon determine the future of ours.


  1. It sounds interesting, but if the characters are hard to connect with, that would make it a tough read for me.

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