NaNo in February?

It’s sort of like Christmas in July; NaNoWriMo is just too much fun to only do once a year. Or, er, only three times per year… When I made my initial five-year plan for publishing, I decided that I would continue to write three new books per year (writing the first draft for Camp Nano in April, Camp Nano in July and NaNoWriMo in November) as well as working on finishing, rewriting, editing, and revising my backlist for publishing. It was a good plan. But my creative brain starts to itch during the long space between November and April, and my logical brain points out that I have a new writing project planned for Q2, Q3, and Q4, but nothing in Q1, which is rather unbalanced.

kindle coverSo sometime in the last couple of months, as I was working on my production spreadsheet for 2015, I decided that I needed a first quarter writing project. Not just revision work, but another new novel.

Is it crazy to be thinking of writing a new novel when I already have/had to deal with an emergency room visit, an out of town funeral, and an office move just during the first two weeks of the year? I’m sure it is. But, creative types are expected to be a little crazy, aren’t they?

While traveling to the funeral, I couldn’t edit another page, and I started going through my story clip file, and worked out an idea for my next novel. I have been working out a rough outline and doing some research, and today pulled together a cover concept (all subject to change!)

Are you with me? Anyone else itching to fast draft a novel in the shortest month of the year? Ready to start writing before the groundhog pops his head out of his burrow?



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