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By-Pass, Breaking the Pattern #3

by-pass mockupWhen you have been in foster homes your whole short life, you become, well, kind of guarded. Then you come to a new home that looks like a garden of Eden with a perfect family. You finally begin to think your life is turning around. Has Bobby finally hit the jackpot? Or are looks deceiving? 

Bobby is placed in a new home again and forced to meet new friends. At least he has a wonderful mother in Katya and little sister who adores him in Zane.

Katya looks like the mother that any boy would love to have. A home to live for, and all the food that could want. For the first time, he has a room all to himself. And a sister that he grows to love.

When Katya starts turning crazy, she turns his life upside down. All of a sudden, Bobby has to make decisions that a geeky teen should never have to make. When Katya starts questioning everything he does, it all of a sudden becomes too real. He has to start thinking of his himself, and for the first time in his life, he has to look out for a sibling.

Gracie and her parents Peter and Sandy turn out to be real friends. But Gracie lets slip Katya’s history. Can he trust Gracie, or is she a busybody who spend too much time putting her nose in where it is not wanted?

Every decision Bobby makes affects him and Zane. What is he going to do? When it comes down to it, will he report Katya? Will he decide to put up with an inconvenience to keep all the good stuff? But that inconvenience has turned into Hurricane Katya, who is out to destroy everything in her path. And that path heads right toward Zane and Bobby. What can Bobby do to save Zane? Will he be able to be strong enough to do the right thing? Will he risk losing his family, the mother, and sister that he always wanted?

By-Pass is a terrific, horrifying story that could be too real for many foster kids. Bobby will pull you in, and he will tear your heart out. He will bring you in with his boyish charm, and keep you there with his bravery.

A terrific novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


intersexion 3d mockup 1Being rejected by your family is bad enough, but not knowing if you’re a girl makes it that much worse. Taylor finds himself, or herself, getting dropped off at a shelter. Scared and alone, Taylor has no idea what is going to happen next.

At the shelter, Taylor meets a counselor named Roz, a Christian wife and mother who has some problems of her own. She is overwhelmed; how is she suppose to help a child when she can’t even help her own kids?

Read this inspiring story about a Christian who can accept a child who people thought was a boy, then a girl.

Watch Taylor as he struggles for the acceptance of Razor and the other teens. Watch as Roz struggles to touch and connect with Taylor.

Can Roz help Taylor learn to love and forgive her parents? Can Roz love her kids despite the decisions they have made? Does she have the strength to help them come to grips with all that has happened?

As a parent, you will feel for Roz. Can Roz overcome the doubts she has a mother? We have all been there, wondering what we did wrong. As a parent, you will applaud her and be angry at Taylor parents. How could they treat their own child the way they did?

A riveting book that pulls you in and has you crying for Taylor’s trials and celebrating every achievement.


Thanks, sweetie, for the kind words!


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