Pre-release Excerpt from June and Justin

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I just got final edits back on June & Justin, so I am getting it all finalized and ready for publication, and thought I would share a passage with you for my Teaser Tuesday this week. Soon to be released!

June apparently couldn’t wait either. The front door of the house flew open, and she came running down the sidewalk, colliding with Justin and throwing her arms around him tightly. Unable to repress a wide grin, Justin squeezed her hard.


“I missed you, Justy! Oh, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you!”

He laughed and lifted her up, whirling her around in a circle. “It’s only been two days,” he pointed out.

P.D. Workman, June & Justin



Justin had made a mistake. A big, life-changing mistake.

He already failed June once. He wasn’t there when she needed him, and because of him, their lives will never be the same. June is everything to Justin, and he must be everything to her. He must protect June at all costs. Justin is prepared spend the rest of his life keeping her from getting hurt again.

But it seems they are always falling behind, barely keeping one step ahead of the nightmares.

There is always one more hazard, just around the corner.


  1. Congratulations, and best of luck with the release!

  2. Congratulations! That is a sweet moment, My TT: Under Magnolia by Frances Mayes

  3. Congratulations it sounds lovely – Good luck for the release! Thanks for visiting my Tuesday post

  4. That’s such a sweet one! Mine today from Trail of Broken Wings is not very sweet!

  5. I remember that exhilarating feeling! Smiling now! Congratulations on your upcoming release.

    My TT –

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