March into new books!

Although I ended up spending most of February sick, I still got my first draft of Mito written in my personal version of NaNoWriMo in February, and am working on rewriting an older work in March and getting ready for Camp NaNo in April. But, on to reading!

If you are looking for more books for your TBR pile, you are in the right place! Here are books that grabbed my attention this week. These are not generally books that I have already read, though a few of them might be. They are books that I have seen and added to my TBR list, looked up on Amazon, loved the cover of, etc. Just a quick run-through of what caught my eye, so you can have a look too.

Click on a cover to jump to it on Amazon.

Added to my TBR



 Looked at on Amazon




Liked the cover:


Tell me what you think!

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