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I was saddened to hear this morning about the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I could spend hours telling you about his many qualities, many of which you already know, but I think the Times did a great job with this article.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who identified most strongly with Mr. Spock, out of all of the cast of Star Trek TOS. I have often felt like an outside observer of the people around me, and wished that I had the ability to deal with all of my problems logically and not have to succumb to messy emotions.

Leonard Nimoy has written two biographies, and several books of poetry (click on a cover to jump to Amazon).




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The best two Star Trek movies are, of course, the ones that focus on Mr. Spock. (You would not believe how traumatized I was when he died in Wrath of Khan!) Who can forget Spock trying to use the ‘colorful metaphors’ or the eighties? Or giving the Vulcan nerve pinch to the heavy metal banger with the boom box on the bus?Amazon_com__Star_Trek_III__The_Search_for_Spock__Blu-ray___Shatner__Nimoy__Movies___TV Amazon_com__Star_Trek_IV__The_Voyage_Home__Remastered___Blu-ray___William_Shatner__Deforest_Kelley__Movies___TV

And I saw these… they’re just too cool.Amazon_com__Star_Trek_Uniform_Socks_--_Command_-_Science_-_Engineering_--_Set_Of_3_Pairs__Clothing

We will miss you, Mr. Nimoy.

Dif-tor heh smusma, Spohkh

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