Exclusive offer for Witch-Free Halloween and other Ghoulish stories

Witch-Free Halloween

Today marks the first time that I am offering a short story for one of my series. Witch-Free Halloween is a holiday short in the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series, bringing you Erin’s and Vic’s first Halloween in Bald Eagle Falls.

With so many other secrets in Bald Eagle Falls, what is one more?

This $0.99 holiday short story is only available through my website, and is available in mobi (Kindle), ePub (iBooks, Nook, Kobo,) and pdf format.

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$0.99 short story

Erin Price, gluten-free baker turned sleuth and her assistant and best friend, Vic are looking forward to their first Halloween in Bald Eagle Falls. But circumstances combine against them, and they face a problem that could mean the end to Auntie Clem’s Bakery. 

Halloween Round-up

I have dug deep into the treat bag to come up with these tricksy stories for you!

Talitha: A Haunting by [Rawlings, Rachael ]Talitha: A Haunting, by Rachael Rawlings

Clare is a determined woman ready to launch into her new life. She just needs a little money to do it. When she goes to a historical home under renovation to help with the massive cleaning job, she is anxious to do her task and do it well. However, the house, Talitha, has other plans.

Trick or Treat and Murder: A Cozy Baked Murder Series, book 2 by [Bell, Kate]Trick or Treat and Murder, by Katie Bell

It’s Halloween in Sandy Harbor, Maine, and time for Tricks and Treats of the deadly kind. Blogger and foodie Allie McSwain finds the body of Sandy Harbor’s event coordinator at the Halloween bazaar and sets out to find the murderer. Romance is blossoming between Allie and detective Alec Blanchard, who is determined to keep her out of harm’s way, but Allie has other ideas.

Dearly Departed (Grave Reminders Book 1) by [Rawlings, Rachael]Dearly Departed, by Rachel Rawlings

Dorothy, or Dot to her friends, is the slightly eccentric daughter of the town’s funeral director. Her art is the only medium that she can express herself with, but it sets her apart.

Until she meets him.

Disenchanted: A Witchy Business Novella by [Russell, Rhonda]Disenchanted, by Rhonda Russell

Right witch, wrong sister!

Welcome to Wand-Anon, the last ditch clinic for powerless witches and wizards who are determined to find their magic.

And in Benedict DeWin’s case, desperate. Benedict’s impending arranged-since-birth marriage depends on his ability to prove that he, too, possesses the powerful magic his family is known for. Does Ben want to get married? No. But having been a disappointment to his family, he’s willing to take one for the team…

What Lies Inside: A Vampire Paranormal Romance (Blood Bound Series Book 1) by [Myers, J.L.]What Lies Inside, by J.L. Myers

Amelia is sucked into a nightmare and killed at the hungry fangs of a monster…but then she wakes up and everything has changed. Her whole life has been a lie. What she thought she was—human—is nothing but a disguise, one she never even knew she was wearing.

Amelia is a vampire and she always has been.

Halloween Moon: A Short Story (A Samantha Moon Story Book 5) by [Rain, J.R.]Halloween Moon, J.R. Rain

“Halloween Moon” – In bestselling author J.R. Rain’s exclusive ebook short story, Samantha Moon is about to confront a monster of the worst kind – a killer who preys on the innocent. A killer who lives just down her street…

Wrath of the Angel by [Monteith, John R.]Wrath of the Angel, by John R. Monteith

Warriors who take cybernetic control of predatory animals. A wounded soldier-turned alcoholic exorcist. A child who attacks with his mind. As Nate Clark leads his brothers out of a broken childhood, he discovers his supernatural ability to wield eagles, wolves, and leopards as weapons. His journey to establish his self-worth by protecting good people from evil attracts Father Lewis Bannen, who suspects demonic manipulation as the source of Nate’s apparently benevolent powers.

The Girl Who Saved Ghosts (The Unbelievables Book 2) by [Tansley, K.C.]The Girl Who Saved Ghosts, by K.C. Tansley

After a summer spent in a haunted castle—a summer in which she traveled through time to solve a murder mystery—Kat is looking forward to a totally normal senior year at McTernan Academy. Then the ghost of a little girl appears and begs Kat for help, and more unquiet apparitions follow. All of them are terrified by the Dark One, and it soon becomes clear that that this evil force wants Kat dead.

Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children by [Kobb, David, Kobb, Shawn]Terrifying Tales, by David Kobb

Turn down the lights. Grab a flashlight, pull the blankets over your head, and prepare for a night of reading the scariest stories around.

Just repeat to yourself, “It’s only make believe.”

And, whatever you do, make sure you keep the closet door closed.

Scream Reads – 11 Multi-Genre Authors with a Variety of Scary Tales

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Tell me what you think!

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