Brewing Death and other summer releases

Brewing Death

Brewing Death, book #5 of the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series is now out! Join Erin and her Bald Eagles Falls family for their newest adventure.

Erin is finally safe and sound in Bald Eagle Falls, with her sister in town and the chance to finally get to know her. She’s done with secrets and murder. But fate and a killer have other things in mind, and before she knows it, she is faced with an unexplained death, with Erin and her friends in the middle of it. 

Tea and trouble are brewing in Bald Eagle Falls, and Erin doesn’t want to find herself in hot water. 

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More new releases

I have a stack of other new releases; mysteries and more! Hopefully you will find lots of books to add to your TBR list.

Bagaels and Blackmail, by C.A. Phipps

Bagels and Blackmail

Big Red is missing! Madeline Flynn’s Maine Coon cat is more than a pet… much more, and now, just when her bakery is taking off, and life in the small town of Maple Falls settling down, someone’s stolen him, along with several other pets.

When ransom letters start appearing all over town, with a slice of blackmail thrown in, handsome Sheriff Ethan Tanner is doing what he can to solve the crimes, but Maddie cannot sit by and watch, while Big Red is missing. Going against Ethan’s, and her darling Gran’s wishes, she once again decides to do her own sleuthing, with a little help from her friends.

Book 1 in the series is available for $0.99.

Greed Can Be Deadly, by Cindy Bell

Greed Can Be Deadly

Eddy is happy to be reconnecting with an old colleague who he hasn’t seen in years. But it looks like Colin doesn’t just want to reminisce about his days on the police force, he has landed up in hot water and needs Eddy’s help.

But things become much more serious when someone lands up dead and Eddy is right in the middle of the investigation. His three friends join him in the search to find the murderer and clear Eddy’s name. But their investigations send them straight towards danger, and they uncover more secrets than they bargained for.

Eddy, Walt, Samantha and Jo land themselves in far deeper than they expected and now not only need to investigate a murder and keep Eddy out of jail, but they have to fight to stay alive as well.

Sienna, by Charlotte Moore

Sienna, a Laurel Grove Mystery

Where is Sienna Dale? Her Uncle Billy doesn’t seem to know – or even care much that she’s been missing for four days. Her grandfather is a drunk who can barely remember her name, her aunt is a drama queen, and the one person in the family who cared about the bookish sixteen-year-old has just died in the local nursing home.

For B.J. Bandry, who is already feeling woefully insecure in her position as Laurel Grove’s Acting Chief of Police, the case is baffling, the family infuriating and the stakes extremely high, even when it becomes clear that Sienna is safe and sound, somewhere nearby, and just has no trust in the local police department for reasons of her own.

Murder at the Mousetrap, by Helena Marchmont

Murder at the Mousetrap

Miss Marple meets Oscar Wilde in this new series of cosy mysteries set in the picturesque Cotswolds village of Bunburry. In “Murder at the Mousetrap,” the first Bunburry book, fudge-making and quaffing real ale in the local pub are matched by an undercurrent of passion, jealousy, hatred and murder – laced with a welcome dose of humour.

Alfie McAlister has retreated from London to the peace and quiet of the country to recover from a personal tragedy. But an accidental death – which may have been no accident – reveals that the heart of England is far from the tranquil backwater he imagined. After arriving in Bunburry, he is co-opted as an amateur detective by Liz and Marge, two elderly ladies who were best friends with Alfie’s late Aunt Augusta. And it is not long before their investigations take an even more dramatic turn …

The Ghosts of Mystic Springs, by Mona Marple

The Ghosts of Mystic Springs

Welcome to Mystic Springs, where things definitely go bump in the night.

As the town’s medium, Connie Winters is the only person who can see the ghosts who call Mystic Springs home.

When young temptress Lola is killed, the dead Mayor and the dead Sheriff are determined to investigate, and since they’ve never been replaced, they’d better get on with it. But they need Connie’s help. And if Connie’s helping, her sister Sage is going to get involved too – she’s beautiful, slim, and twenty years dead.

It may be the first time in history that a murder-solving squad is a mixture of real live people and real dead ghosts. Connie, and the residents of Mystic Springs, will be forced to question everything they thought they knew.

Death at the Circus, by Agnes Lester Brown

Death at the Circus

Instead of bringing joy and entertainment to Fennelmoore, the arrival of the Blackwood Circus casts a dark shadow over the picturesque town that is home to the Whitewood Witches. Not all is well at the circus, and before long a grisly murder places an array of colorful, exotic circus artists under suspicion.

Gutsy Lori Whitewood has to navigate a dense web of deception, revenge and score settling to catch the murderer. Will her magic skills be enough to protect her from a remorseless and ruthless killer who’ll stop at nothing to protect his identity? Will she be able to set her emotions aside and let justice prevail when confronted with impossible choices?

True North, by Roger Rooney

True North

In 1962, Australian Army adviser Lieutenant Jack Burns is deployed as part of ‘The Team’ to the Mekong Delta, the hotspot of the Vietnam War, where he is teamed up with Lt. Colonel John Paul Vann and about to undergo the ultimate test of his convictions.

As Jack is honing his craft in the Delta, Tran, a teenage soldier girl with the North Vietnamese Army makes her way down the Ho Chi Minh Trail and into the Delta, where she must stare down the might of US firepower at the Battle of Ap Bac. In a war without frontlines, Jack and Tran must fight to survive in the most dangerous place in the world – South Vietnam.

The Gilded Shroud, by Elizabeth Bailey

The Gilded Shroud

When Emily Fanshawe, Marchioness of Polbrook, is found strangled in her bedchamber, suspicion immediately falls on those residing in the grand house in Hanover Square.

Emily’s husband – Randal Fanshawe, Lord Polbrook – fled in the night and is chief suspect – much to the dismay of his family.

Ottilia Draycott is brought in as the new lady’s companion to Sybilla, Dowager Marchioness and soon finds herself assisting younger son, Lord Francis Fanshawe in his investigations.

Destiny, by Ginny Clyde


Eira’s father had one uncompromising rule- “Don’t reveal your powers to anyone.”

But for Eira, her best friend Jayden was the exception. In fact, she’s been secretly using her abilities to communicate with him while he has been training at the Fae Court of Lost Sanctum.

When she receives news he won’t be coming home for another year, Eira takes it upon herself to visit him at the Court. Unaware of the dangers of the Otherworld, she is determined to see him on his eighteenth birthday to confess her feelings.

On the way she meets Darius, a fae student, who is also training at the Court. Even though his demeanor is shrewd and menacing, she follows him into the forbidden dominion of the Fae.

Murdered by Superstition, by Dianne Harman

Murdered by Superstition

Nicole Rogers recently moved to Red Cedar from New Orleans. She’d lost weight, became engaged, and had a new job as the manager of a local bank in the small town. But when she found voodoo dolls in her gym locker, work desk, and on her front porch, she was scared. She knew what receiving the dolls meant – someone wanted to hurt her or kill her, and she was right. A few days later, Nicole’s body was found on her front porch with a voodoo doll next to it. She’d been murdered.

What is the connection between Nicole’s murder and the voodoo dolls? Liz Lucas, an amateur sleuth, is determined to find the connection and catch the killer. While on a trip to New Orleans to attend a cooking school known for its Cajun-Creole style of cooking, she learns a lot from a gris-gris doctor who specializes in voodoo, hexes, spells, and superstitions.

Purify, by Wendi L. Wilson


Everything changed the day I met the Patton triplets. And not just because they’re Alts- a group of children born to test subjects of a drug trial gone wrong. It also changed because together, we found love.

We also found the truth. I’m an Alt, too.

With the threat of exposure hanging over my head, I had no choice but to become a test subject for Dr. Earl Patton. He turned me into a scientific experiment, forced to perform like a circus monkey and donate tubes of blood weekly. I performed without complaint…for the most part. I was, after all, still me.

Recommended for ages 16+ for mature content.

Witch in Danger, by Elle Adams

Witch in Danger

Blair Wilkes is having a trying week. Her best friend stands accused of murdering a vampire, and dead bodies are showing up in the forest. She knows Alissa is innocent, but with the vampires out for blood — more than usual — tensions in the small town of Fairy Falls are at a tipping point.

As if that’s not enough, Blair’s witchcraft lessons aren’t going well, with her wand gaining a life of its own — not to mention her familiar. And then she discovers something startling about her family that puts her burgeoning relationship with former paranormal hunter Nathan under pressure.

The Girl Who Called the Stars, by Heather Hildenbrand

The Girl Who Called the Stars

I know what I’m not. Human.

I can’t remember my life before Earth, but I’ve grown up hearing the stories of a planet ravaged by war and a people in need of a leader who will bring them out of the darkness. I’m supposed to be their light.

My future terrifies me.

But I’m done waiting to have a real life. If I ever want a chance to live free of the Shadows, I’ll need to fight for it because freedom is never free. No matter what galaxy you call home.

Map Skills Murder, by Leslie Langtry

Map Skills Murder

Summer is moving fast for ex-CIA Agent turned Girl Scout troop leader, Merry Wrath. Wedding plans are underway, with the groom’s twin sisters on a mission to decorate the festivities with taxidermized animals and a full troop of flower girls with terrible taste in dresses.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with, the Girl Scouts dig up a treasure map in Merry’s yard. A century ago, the mysterious axe murder of Mad Mimi and the secret of her missing treasure were never solved. Merry thinks this map could be the key… but unfortunately, the investigation of this cold case—complete with a secret diary, gold bullion, and a llama named Tinkles—yields a modern day murder!

Prescribed, by Morgan R. Flores


When seventeen year old Tristan Cooper is orphaned after witnessing his mother being murdered by his stepfather, he is sent to live with his uncle in Phoenix, Arizona. He is devastated from the guilt of not being able to save her and becomes addicted to pain medication to dull the grief of his late mother.

Enter in Danielle Jackson, a seventeen year old girl who has suffered the loss of her dad due to murder. She is also trying to balance her brother dying of lymphoblastic leukemia and a mother who takes to drinking to ease the death of her husband. Danielle takes solace in a father figure, her dad’s best friend, who just so happens to be Tristan’s uncle.

Knowing they have been through a similar trauma, Danielle seeks to reach out to Tristan, but he is only interested in shutting out life. When Tristan finally opens up, they quickly form a budding romance through helping each other grieve. Little do they know, a family member from Tristan’s past is lurking in the shadows, ready to use Danielle to get his revenge.

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder, by Joanne Fluke

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder

When The Cookie Jar becomes the setting of a star-studded TV special about movies filmed in Minnesota, Hannah hopes to shine the spotlight on her bakery—not the unsavory scandal swirling around her personal life. But that’s practically impossible with a disturbing visit from the shifty character she once believed was her one and only love, a group of bodyguards following her every move, and a murder victim in her bedroom.

Now, swapping the crime scene in her condo for her mother Delores’s penthouse, Hannah and an old flame team up to solve a case that’s messier than an upended chocolate cream pie. As suspects emerge and secrets hit close to home, Hannah must serve a hefty helping of justice to an unnamed killer prowling around Lake Eden . . . before someone takes a slice out of her!

Onyx of Darkness, by Norma Hinkens

Onyx of Darkness

The Onyx of Darkness rises to the north forcing Orlla and Erdhan to embark on a treacherous mission to find and destroy the enemy of light before it crushes the world.

With the help of a mysterious stranger, they navigate the deadly sinking bogs in a desperate bid to reach the dark stone before it falls into the hands of the corrupt rulers of the lost kingdoms. But the pair soon realize they have become the hunted in a powerful play for ultimate control of the Onyx of Darkness.

Double-crossed by those they swore allegiance to, they are forced to strike a deal with cut-throat mercenaries to save themselves. Stakes rise when their worst nightmare comes to life in the form of a ghost they never thought they’d see again.

But the deepest betrayal of all will lead them to the heart of the Opus of Doom from which there is no return.

Dead Pirates of Cawsand, by Steve Higgs

Dead Pirates of Cawsand

Gold coins from a centuries old sunken treasure ship have been found on the beach in Cawsand. This would be no cause for Tempest Michaels to take notice, but a man murdered by the ghost of a dead pirate come to claim back the gold? That ticks all his boxes.

Tempest, oblivious to the events in Cawsand and believing he was overdue a week off, has travelled to Cornwall with his dogs for some relaxation and perhaps a cream tea or two. Well, fat chance of that because he is hip deep in murderous ghosts before he finishes his second pint.

Uncovering a disturbing undercurrent in the sleepy seaside village, a race against time begins for him to crack the case before anyone else gets hurt? Together with the local Police Officer, the diminutive, sexy and very domineering Bobbi the Bobby plus some other helping hands he could probably do without, he will do all he can to reveal the truth.


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