A new year and a new you

As I write this blog, we are just a few hours from 2020. Some people love to celebrate a new year, and some people just want to ignore it. I start my planning for the new year in about September, so by the time December is on its way out, I’m usually pretty well set for my next year’s plan.

This year, I wanted to do a round-up of useful posts or books if you are interested in improving yourself and/or planning for the new year. So if you are a New Year’s planner, pull up a chair and have a look.

Goal setting books

I have previously shared my favourite goal-setting/year planning books in this blog.

More books you may like on new beginnings and self improvement are also included.


This blog repeats some of my favourites above, but also runs through a few of the different planners available that you might like to have a look at.

Other meditation/inspirational books are also included.

Ten Rules that Ruin Your Life

Angela M. Robinson has just released this memoir focusing on self help and breaking rules to see more personal freedom.

Author planners

Are you an author? How about some planners made especially for writers?

Tell me what you think!

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Featured Book(s)

Web of Nightmares

Web of Nightmares

Psychic Reg Rawlins is hoping to get her life back to normal, or some semblance of it. With the gems she was given by the fairies for saving Calliopia’s life, she doesn’t need to worry about money. Maybe never again. She can just relax, get the sleep she needs, and not have to worry about hustling a living.
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What the Cat Knew

What the Cat Knew

$0.99 sale!

Reg Rawlins, professional con, has really gotten herself into a bind this time. 

The fortune teller gig started as a scam, but she suddenly finds herself tangled up in the case of Warren Blake, a man who she thought was dead. It turns out he may still be alive, but in mortal peril. 

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