What makes P.D. Workman’s books so good

Another guest blog by Randy! Yes, he’s been writing up a storm the last few weeks.

Now I know most of you think I am biased, but I am staying objective here. What makes any author good, not just Pam?

I have a few criteria for reading a book. Everyone has their own reasoning for picking a book out, whether it is the storyline or the characters. Let’s work with those two points.


It must keep me guessing on what is going to happen next.

If I can predict the storyline, I will lose interest. The author has to keep me entertained. I have to be kept guessing who the villain is. I have to be on pins and needles. If I am not, I will usually lose interest.

Best Example:

She Wore Mourning

I had no idea who the killer was. Pam kept me guessing with each turn this story took. You have to read this book to believe it. You can get it here:

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Now on with the story line

The storyline has to be consistent.

I have to at least believe the plot. The storyline can’t be choppy; I have to understand why a story goes the direction it does. It has to fit in with a logical sequence.

The best to example:

Questing for a Dream

What makes this book so good is that Pam did a lot of research into life on the reservation. She goes into detail of the traditions what they go through. I think I learned more about Native life that I have ever done before. I learned to respect the Native life; she taught me not to just judge on appearance.

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Characters must be believable

Next, the characters they have to be real. Seriously, they have to have a personality. I have to believe that the character would do what they do.

Best example:

Gabriel in Mito 

Pam did such a good job of research in this series. Gabriel’s character is so believable; he will have you reading with bated breath. I found myself pulling and hoping for him. Crying for him and pulling for him.

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Characters should keep me guessing

I do not want to know too early who is the villain, their motivation, or how they are going to get caught. I want to be surprised and emotionally involved in the whole story.

Best example:

In the Tick of Time

This book had me on the edge of my seat. The story is fantastic and has so many different angles. This book has me so scared; I am amazed I managed to finish reading it. Do yourself a favour, pick up In the Tick of Time today.

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