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PD_James_CologneNov 25, 2014 Sadly, the news broke this morning that P.D. James has passed away. So I thought I would re-blog my previous post on her, with a couple of additions.


Originally published Nov 18, 2013:

I came across this article yesterday about P.D. James.

I like P.D. James for several reasons:

  • She has really great initials.
  • She writes good mystery books!

But I don’t really know that much about P.D. James as a person.  This article filled me in on a couple more similarities between her and me, besides our initials:

  • She started writing in her childhood.
  • She didn’t publish until her early 40’s (her first book published at 42, mine at 41!)

If you’d like to find out some more about P.D. James and hear her top 10 writing tips, follow the link!  And, of course, check out her official website.

Maybe one of these days I’ll write my top 10 writing tips.  Of course, they won’t hold the same weight as P.D. James, but it might be fun to compare notes.

Now, I think I’ll go see if the library has some Adam Dalgleish audiobooks.


Did he fall or was he pushed?”

I really like the one quote that I am seeing by P.D. James today:

Even as a child, she said, she had been interested in death. As a little girl, when someone read “Humpty Dumpty” to her, she asked, “Did he fall or was he pushed?”


Here are some of P.D. James’ works that I have enjoyed:

A Mind to Murder

The Black Tower

The Private Patient

Cover Her Face



Image: “PD James Cologne” by Benutzer:Smalltown Boy (Diskussion)  Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I saw the news in my local paper, and it was quite sad. I really love that quote you put on your post. So apt. I can really imagine that she must have thought and said that.

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