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Summer has arrived! Kids are out of school, people are taking vacation, and here in Calgary, the Stampede is about to begin (which of course means that there should be plenty of thunderstorms over the next week!) I don’t have any kids in school, we’re not planning any trips until September, and well, we don’t do Stampede or anything else with so many people in one place.

But I do like to participate in Camp Nanowrimo, and am currently “camping” while I write book #10 in the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series (tentatively “Muffins, Masks, Murder). Back from her Alaskan cruise, Erin is in need of a vacation from her vacation…

Following Muffins, Masks, Murder, I will be working on the next couple of books in the series.

Summer is also tick season! Here is a fun video I did for In the Tick of Time:

In the Tick of Time is currently free on Kindle, Kobo, and Apple Books! Pick up your copy today (if you dare!)

I have a couple of young adult new releases over the summer. Gem, Himself, Alone releases this month on July 19, and June, Into the Light is coming out in August. Gem is a stand alone novel that has been in progress for a few years and is finally ready to see the light of day.

And while I thought I was finished with the Between the Cracks series, after releasing Ronnie, readers were still asking for more. I explained that each child’s story had been told, and I wasn’t really planning for any more books to be added to the series. (Although, there are a couple of second-generation Simpsons who might still have stories to tell…)

But readers said they wanted to hear more about June. While June had a title role in June & Justin, that book was more from Justin’s perspective than June’s. My readers felt it made her out to be the ‘bad guy’ and accused me of abandoning her, not giving her a chance for a ‘happily ever after.’ So… after due consideration, I started to work on June’s recovery…

And don’t forget about the release of the Do No Harm medical thriller collection, which includes my first Kenzie Kirsch book, Unlawful Harvest. Join me for an online pre-launch party coming July 29!

Tell me what you think!

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Muffins Masks Murder

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Back in Bald Eagle Falls, Erin needs a vacation from her vacation. But she doesn’t get much of a chance to relax and get back to normal before the unthinkable happens.

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Virtually Harmless

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Micah lived a quiet, comfortable life, her involvement in law enforcement limited to the composite pictures that she produced with her computer and colored pencils.

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