Rogue Skies

The skies have gone rogue. Space can’t be tamed. And magic is a law unto itself.

Transport yourself to new worlds where dark magic clashes with witty witches, diabolic demons, feisty fae, and sexy shifters. Or travel through time and space with cosmic spies, space thieves, and telepathic pirates. Add in a dash of Victorian heroes and inhuman soldiers, and you have a one-of-a-kind science fiction and fantasy collection of intoxicating proportions.

Fans of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Anne McCaffrey, John Scalzi or Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Tamora Pierce, Lois Lowry, and Maria V. Snyder will find themselves transported to weird realms and epic otherworlds in this reality-optional boxset.

Rogues and Rebels, Magic and Mayhem, Futures and Fantasy—there’s no limit to the excitement that awaits when you turn the pages of this collection of spellbinding adventures from some of today’s best-selling Science Fiction and Fantasy authors.

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With stories by…
Missy De Graff 
USA Today bestselling author Danny Bell
Bella Andrews 
Ashlee Nicole Bye 
Emma Jane Holloway 
Candace Sams
Melinda Kucsera 
Jennifer Ellision
Mirren Hogan 
USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Jenkins 
Brantwijn Serrah 
USA Today bestselling author Shereen Vedam 
C.L. Cannon 
S.A. McClure 
Karen M. Bryson & Candace Segar 
Rae Hendricks & Lianne Willowmoon 
Lee French 
Tamsin Baker
Joynell Schultz 
Tracy Korn
Shannon Pemrick 
Suzanne Hagelin 
Nadine Travers 
Cecilia Dominic 
Bill Hargenrader

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