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She Was Dying Anyway

IMAGINE you lost your sweetheart and would do anything to get her back. Then imagine she is knocking at your door and asks for your help. Then imagine that you are in a sort-of relationship Kenzie Kirsch who, being from the Medical Examiner’s office, knows 50 ways to kill you. Just to complicate the matter, the case your ex wants you to investigate involves the murder of a woman who was dying anyway.

A person with any common sense would say no and run and run away very fast. But what does Zachary Goldman do? You guessed it; he lets her in. Of course, he would clean the toilet with his toothbrush if she asked him to.

Imagine you lost your sweetheart and would do anything to get her back. Then imagine she is knocking at your door and asks for your help. 

Zachary takes on the case of Robin Salter, who according to Bridget, died prematurely. According to everyone who was not in love with Bridget, Robin died of natural causes. But Zachary tells Bridget he will look into it.

Kenzie knows he is only investigating because Bridget asked him to. Zachary is very good at what he does. The problem is that he does everything with reckless abandon. He leaves no stone unturned, but somebody is putting them all back. Everywhere he turns, he is getting blocked. Even Robin’s own family doesn’t want him to investigate her death.

She Was Dying Anyway will keep you on your edge of the seat!

P.D. Workman, author

Writing riveting mystery, suspense, and young adult fiction about real life issues.

Randy Workman, blogger

Randy blogs about hockey, childhood memories, and books at Flamestr’s Thoughts

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