Release of EDS, Medical Kidnap Files #2 and other new reads

What would you do if your child was taken away from you for trying to treat her rare disease?

What would you do if you woke up in hospital with no family or friends and no idea what you were doing there?

What if you knew there was a conspiracy and no one would believe you?

eds-mockupVolume #2 of the Medical Kidnap Files, EDS, is now available! Mito was released last month and Proxy is on preorder and will be released in December.

Fourteen-year-old Seth Wilcox has been admitted to the hospital forty-eight times, according to his mother’s latest social media posts, when Social Services steps in and takes Seth into care, believing his mother suffers from Munchausen by Proxy and Seth is not safe in her care.

Gabriel Tate is now a veteran in dealing with medical kidnap and reuniting children with their families. He knows Seth and his mom, Leva, a tireless mitochondrial disorder advocate. He knows he needs to get Seth back to Leva as soon as he can.

With the authorities hot on their trails, Gabriel and Renata face increasingly difficult challenges. Can they stay one step ahead of the authorities? Can they finally get Seth somewhere he will be safe?

You can read a sample, or head directly over to the Kindle store to pick it up!


Other new autumn releases

Here are some more books that have come out recently! Click the covers to have a look.

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