Christmas Story Round-up

Release of Dog-Free Dinner

Christmas is coming, and lots of fun Christmas stories and books line the virtual bookshelves! Dog-Free Dinner is a holiday short story in the cozy mystery series Auntie Clem’s Bakery available now for $0.99 exclusively on my website. Book 1, Gluten-Free Murder and book 2, Dairy-Free Death are out, and book 3, Allergen-Free Assignation will be released in one week!

Holidays can pull families together—or apart!

Vic is looking forward to Christmas with her new Bald Eagles Falls family. Erin—not so much. But she wants to make it a special day for Vic.

An unexpected turn in events changes all of their carefully-laid plans. 

This Christmas short, part of the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series, is only available through my website. The series—and your holiday—won’t be complete without it.

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More Christmas Stories

Christmas Stories by [Montgomery, Lucy Maud]Christmas Stories, by Lucy Maud Montgomery

By the author of Anne of Green Gables

This book contains the following beautiful Christmas tales:

A Christmas Inspiration, A Christmas Mistake, The Red Room, Aunt Cyrilla’s Christmas Basket, The Josephs’ Christmas, The Osbornes’ Christmas, Bertie’s New Year, Clorinda’s Gifts, Ida’s New Year Cake, The Christmas Surprise at Enderly Road, The Falsoms’ Christmas Dinner, The Unforgotten One, Christmas at Red Butte, Uncle Richard’s New Year’s Dinner

Christmas Cookies with a Side of Murder (Daley Buzz Cozy Mystery Book 7) by [Potts, Meredith]Christmas Cookies with a side of Murder, by Meredith Potts

Fun-filled parties. Beautiful decorations. Delicious food. Fantastic presents. Joyous family celebration. And murder.
This is shaping up to be a holiday season that Sabrina Daley will never forget.
But if she doesn’t act fast, it will be for all the wrong reasons.

Joy: A Kate Redman Short Story for Christmas by [Grace, Celina]Joy, by Celina Grace

The last person Detective Sergeant Kate Redman wants to see while she’s doing her Christmas shopping is habitual petty thief and homeless alcoholic Charlie Petworth. While she knows that Charlie steals small things in part to get a warm bed for the night, it’s still annoying, particularly in the season of good will.

Then a far more serious crime occurs and Kate realises that Charlie might well be involved. But why would he go from stealing a packet of flower seeds to stealing a little toddler? And is there more to this case than at first meets the eye?

The Miss Fortune Series: Bayou Christmas (Kindle Worlds Short Story) (Bayou Cozy Romantic Thrills Book 3) by [Blake, Riley]Bayou Christmas, by Riley Blake

There’s a new agent in town and she’s determined to turn Louisiana upside down. While Agent Harrison takes a Christmas vacation, Agent Pretty stirs all sorts of trouble. And those closest to Fortune could represent an imminent threat.

Christmas at the Inn: A Rose and Briar Inn Story (Rose and Briar Inn Stories Book 1) by [Twombly, Andrea]Christmas at the Inn, by Andrea Twombly

Heading north for the holidays, things certainly hadn’t gone as she had planned. A snowstorm, an apple pie, and an old friend, all conspire to bring her to a crossroads. Will a Christmas Eve detour send her back to her snug village home, or will she forge ahead and let a turn in the road lead her to a newfound happiness?

Avery Meets Chevy: A Special Christmas Short Story: An Avery Barks Dog Mystery (Avery Barks Cozy Dog Mysteries) by [Hiker, Mary]Avery Meets Chevy, by Mary Hiker

Avery Barks, a search and rescue volunteer is happy about moving into her own mountain cabin in time for the Christmas holiday. The excitement is short lived when several of her belongings turn up missing.

Fortunately, there is a new friend waiting in the wings to help her out..

Killer Christmas (Holiday Series Book 1) (An Emma Wild Mystery with Recipes) by [Lin, Harper]Killer Christmas, by Harper Lin

After breaking up with hunky movie star Nick Doyle, superstar singer Emma Wild returns to her hometown for Christmas to get away from it all. In Hartfield, a small town in Ontario, Canada, she gets caught up in a murder case after a fan’s drink is poisoned at the Chocoholic Cafe, owned by Emma’s sister Mirabelle.

Who is the killer and was the drink originally intended for Emma? To add to the chaos, Sterling Matthews is the detective on the case. He’d shattered her heart nine years ago and inspired all her hit singles, but now they must work together to find the murderer before the murderer finds Emma.

DOUBLE DECK THE HALLS (A Bellissimo Casino Crime Caper Short Story) by [Archer, Gretchen]Double Deck the Halls, by Gretchen Archer

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. The trees are trimmed, the halls are decked, and Davis Way Cole’s grandmother is there to play in the Winter Wonderland Senior Slot Tournament.

This year’s theme: The Nice List. All is merry and bright until Granny Dee meets an elf who belongs on the naughty list.

Maybe even the downright nasty list.

Unexpected Gifts (Castle Mountain Lodge Book 1) by [Aitken, Elena]Unexpected Gifts, by Elena Aitken

Christmas represents everything Andi Williams is supposed to have, and doesn’t. Running away to a remote mountain lodge in the Canadian Rockies sounds like the perfect way to escape, until a mix-up finds her sharing a villa with sexy, rough around the edges, Colin Hartford.

Colin’s determination to enjoy the holiday he’s missed for the last five years sweeps Andi into a season of joy that she’s not sure she’s ready for.

Snowed In With Death (Holly Winter Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) by [Loren, Ruby]Snowed in with Death, by Ruby Loren

Trapped in a house with a serial killer, Holly Winter must solve the case… or die trying.

Getting snowed in with six private detectives in a remote house in Scotland is actually the stuff of Holly’s daydreams. An enthusiastic amateur sleuth herself, she is thrilled to have won the chance to attend the annual meeting of the best private detectives in the country.

But before they even have a chance to start dinner, one detective is found dead with a knife in his chest and the killings have only just begun.

Holly and the professional private detectives are trapped in Horn Hill House and everyone knows… there is a murderer in their midst!

Loving Winter: Clean Wholesome Mystery and Romance (Northern Intrigue Book 5) by [Cote, Lyn]Loving Winter, by Lyn Cote

Happily single, Winter Woodard who inherited her grandfather’s nursery is looking forward to a busy, fun fall and holiday season.

And it all begins with her cousin’s wedding where Winter meets the man the ladies around town have been buzzing about. Single by choice, Clay Dixon, the very successful football coach at the local high school, has rebuffed all offers of “home-cooked meals,” keeping the female population at bay. That’s fine with Winter. She’s her own woman, thank you very much.

Then bad things begin to happen. And unexpectedly Clay Dixon stands by her through a holiday season fraught with unnerving and destructive setbacks.



  1. Lujuana Miller says

    I think you have wonderful books but too poor to buy them. I get the free ones whenever possible. Thanks for your writings! I would one day like to get the series of the Dairy-free and Gluten-free and Witch-free Halloween! These all sound awesome! Hope to hear from you!

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