Proxy, Medical Kidnap Files #3 and other new releases!

Release of Proxy

mito-series-mockupProxy, book #3 of the Medical Kidnap Files has just been released!

I’ve been getting great feedback from readers who are enjoying Mito and EDS, and who are super-excited to see medical kidnap, mitochondrial disease, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome featured in thrillers. Pick them up and see what the excitement is all about. And get ready for a new twist in Proxy!

Fourteen-year-old Seth Wilcox has been admitted to the hospital forty-eight times, according to his mother’s latest social media posts, when Social Services steps in and takes Seth into care, believing his mother suffers from Munchausen by Proxy and Seth is not safe in her care.

Gabriel Tate is now a veteran in dealing with medical kidnap and reuniting children with their families. He knows Seth and his mom, Leva, a tireless mitochondrial disorder advocate. He knows he needs to get Seth back to Leva as soon as he can.

With the authorities hot on their trails, Gabriel and Renata face increasingly difficult challenges. Can they stay one step ahead of the authorities? Can they finally get Seth somewhere he will be safe?

Get it now, and scroll down for more new releases!

—You bring great awareness to the issue of “medical kidnapping” – an issue some friends and I do advocacy for as well as the troubled teen industry in general, so I am DELIGHTED to see an author using the thriller medium to bring awareness to this problem… Sometimes fiction and thrillers are the best way to reach out and educate people and let people know they are not alone.
—Oh my goodness!!!! I need more!! I’m freaking out over here. This was my favorite out of the three.

—I didn’t want to put any of [the Medical Kidnap Files] down.

—Although [P.D. Workman’s] books are fiction, they hold a remarkable amount of information.

More new releases!

Of course, I have more than just one new release for you. Here are some other new faces (covers) on the block:

chemistThe Chemist, by Stephanie Meyer

Here is one that I am excited to read by the author of The Host and the Twighlight series.

In this gripping page-turner, an ex-agent on the run from her former employers must take one more case to clear her name and save her life. She used to work for the U.S. government, but very few people ever knew that. An expert in her field, she was one of the darkest secrets of an agency so clandestine it doesn’t even have a name. And when they decided she was a liability, they came for her without warning. Now, she rarely stays in the same place or uses the same name for long. They’ve killed the only other person she trusted, but something she knows still poses a threat. They want her dead, and soon. When her former handler offers her a way out, she realizes it’s her only chance to erase the giant target on her back. But it means taking one last job for her ex-employers. To her horror, the information she acquires only makes her situation more dangerous. Resolving to meet the threat head on, she prepares for the toughest fight of her life, but finds herself falling for a man who can only complicate her likelihood of survival. As she sees her choices being rapidly whittled down, she must apply her unique talents in ways she never dreamed of. In this tautly plotted novel, Meyer creates a fierce and fascinating new heroine with a very specialized skill set. And she shows once again why she’s one of the world’s bestselling authors.

natureThe Nature of Man, Life and Humanity, by Joseph Stadtmiller (freebie!)

The Nature of Man, Life and Humanity tells the story of the cosmos, Sun and Earth: the evolution of mankind expanding across the continents, the tools that aided us, the cultural networks that brought us together, the spirituality that answered what we didn’t understand. Along the way we began thinking that technology could solve all of our problems; our nature connection became a thing of the past. Mankind began a struggle against nature as brutal as the wars we perpetrated amongst ourselves, a war taking place in the air and water with the degradation of the land, the annihilation of ecosystems and biodiversity, concluding with the consumption of Earth itself. Climate stability is collateral damage as the human population continues to explode. While much of the environmental discourse currently focuses on climate change, this story is also about the issues regarding air, water, topsoil, biodiversity, energy and natural resources, and how mankind is attacking each of these areas with equal disregard.

tearsNo Tears Tomorrow, by Tony Nash (freebie!)

From Norfolk to Normandy – a family goes to war.

The 16-year old twins, David and Emma, in the carefree world of the mid-30s, joke about becoming spies.

To Commander Gregory, head of what will become the SOE, espionage is no joke, and he already has his eye on them.

Despite strong opposition from their father, they and their younger brother, James, and their Belgian friend, Nicole, become major players on the great stage that was the Second World War.

Emma’s rape hardens her resolve and she finds her niche in life is that of a highly accomplished assassin.

Life becomes a stampeding kaleidoscope of horrific hardship and daily danger; of incredible courage and unbelievable achievement, of daily death and ghastly disfigurement, and of moments of incredible joy and of hot, despairing tears.

lawShillelagh Law, by Joseph Ferguson

This eclectic collection of short fiction explores the human condition in all its absurdity, beauty, and heartbreak. Some are simple, uncomplicated tales; others are quirky or filled with symbol and allusion. Some are coming-of-age tales; some funny, some horrific. Still others examine themes of redemption or ruin.

pooDaddy and the World’s Longest Poo, by Brydie Wright

Do you ever wonder why daddies disappear for hours on end? Where on earth do they go?

Based on true events, Daddy and the World’s Longest Poo tells the adventure of a little boy who faces just such a conundrum. Follow him on a journey of discovery as he tries to make sense of one of life’s great mysteries.

This debut picture book from self-published author Brydie Wright will delight pre-school and early primary readers with its honesty and sense of humour. Mums, Dads and grandparents will get a cheeky laugh out of it too.

braveBrave Vulnerable, by Sheen Francis Reyes

This collection of poetry is a story about love, abuse, loss, and longing. It’s the product of over a year and a half of unbelonging, of tear-drenched pillows, and of euphoria and pain that won’t let you sleep unless turned into ink.

This book will definitely touch anyone who is drunk in wanderlust, has a quivering heart, and has been separated to the one and only person they have a unique connection with by distance, wrong timing, and misjudgment.

glassMade of Glass, by Kim Padgett-Clarke

Emily and Clare are sisters who share a special bond. Clare is overweight, plain looking, and has epilepsy. When Daniel comes into Clare’s life, all her dreams have come true. Daniel is handsome, successful, and to Clare’s amazement, is attracted to her. Clare finally has a man who will give her a loving relationship. But Daniel is not all he seems to be. He is a control freak, who will do anything to keep Clare to himself. When Emily tells Daniel that she’s found out who he really is, he has to take drastic action to get Emily out of their lives, for good.

davenport-houseDavenport House 6, by Marie Silk

The family saga continues in this sixth book to Davenport House. It is 1919 when America begins to heal from the Great War and take her first steps into a roaring new Era.

The residents of Davenport House are changing with the times as new fashions and new laws are introduced. Clara turns a blind eye to her troubles at home and plans a grand masquerade ball for the county. Bridget uncovers a distressing truth and returns to the house to warn the others, but soon finds that she is no longer welcome there.

When a suspicious death occurs on the estate, the abundance of motives and sudden hushed lips cause tensions to rise throughout the house. Only the painful truth can set everyone free, but it will come at a price to reveal the house secrets once and for all.

recoilThe Recoil Trilogy, by Joanne Macgregor

FROM RECOIL (BOOK 1): When a skilled gamer gets recruited as a sniper in the war against a terrorist-produced pandemic, she discovers there’s more than one enemy and more than one war. The Game is real.

Three years after a series of terrorist attacks flooded the US with a lethal plague, society has changed radically.

Sixteen year-old Jinxy James spends her days trapped at home – immersed in virtual reality, worrying about the plague and longing for freedom. Then she wins a war simulation game and is recruited into a top-secret organisation where talented teenagers are trained to become agents in the war on terror. Eager to escape her mother’s over-protectiveness and to serve her country, Jinxy enlists and becomes an expert sniper of infected mutant rats.

She’s immediately drawn to Quinn O’Riley, a charming and subversive intelligence analyst who knows more about the new order of government and society than he is telling. Then a shocking revelation forces Jinxy to make an impossible decision, and she risks losing everything.

All three full novels included.

argentumArgentum, by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Argentum is the threat that binds all magic …
The silver of Miri’s cat charm passed on through the generations.
The silver of Jessamyn’s scepter, the source of her illusions.
The silver of Quentin’s scrying bowl, forged by Merlin.
All intertwine in Argentum.

With Alistair gone a measure of peace returns to P.A.W.S., but Miri is tormented by nightmares. The silver charm that had recently hung around Alistair’s neck is now in Miri’s possession and seems to have taken on a life of its own. And then it mysteriously disappears.
Jessamyn seeks help from Quentin, who claims to have repented his past association with Alistair, but can he be trusted?
And what of Jenna? The young girl rescued from Alistair’s pack house holds a terrible secret. One that could determine the future of P.A.W.S.Fo

foodwarsFood Wars, Episode IV: A Noodle of Hope: A “Star Wars” parody as told from the imagined perspective of Man’s Best Friend, by Michelle Eshbaugh-Soha

Puke Skywalker is a young mutt with a yearning to get out and smell the world. But when he intercepts a secret message from a furry princess, the Doberman-Yorkie bites off more than he can swallow (almost), and unknowingly casts himself into the heart of a galactic war. Armed with his father’s light-skewer and guided by hunger and the mysterious wisdom of a hound named Old Bone, Puke joins a group of rebels in their attempt to save dogkind from the evil Alpha Empire and one dark-haired rogue warlord who would force dogs everywhere into the slow death of a vegetarian diet.

But will our heroes be able to stop the Alphas before spinach and crab grass become their only source of nutrition? Will their hunger distract them from their goal? Will they ever learn to count past two?

lostlandsLost Lands, by Shaun L Griffiths

Holly lies lost in a snow covered mountain pass, abandoned and left for dead. But her memory will never allow Carter to find peace. Not until he tries one last time to save her from the Evil that now permeates the Lost Lands.

He embarks on a quest to recover his young friend’s body, joining the last remaining Snow Bears sent South to recover the mysterious Crystal, stolen from their people.

But the corrupting seduction of owning the Crystal, opens a Pandora’s box of Evils, threatening the very existence of their world.

On his perilous journey, Carter must fight his way through mountain storms and snow blocked passes. He must face ambush, constant danger, and an agony inflicted on his mind by an unseen enemy, intent on possessing both the Crystal and Holly.

Through every step, Evil is watching, listening and waiting…

fullmoonFull Moon Hunt, by F.A.R.

Tired and on the run from powerful enemies, Michael arrives at Wolfwood City. He wants nothing more than to rest for a few days, but life is rarely so kind. A hunter from the Council is hot on his trail, an intrepid reporter keeps on asking the right questions, and of course, there is the possibility that the biggest werewolf convention in the country might have attracted a real monster!

When the moon rises, Michael Walker will need to use all his skills to survive!

fifteenSweet Fifteen, by Beth Rodgers

Sophomore year starts off on a positive note, with Margot Maples enjoying a circle of new friends, an influx of confidence, and the attention of the oh-so-cute new basketball player, Kirk. But she quickly finds herself stuck in a rut, battling mean girls, and getting caught up in Kirk’s past. Margot’s friendships, heartaches, and presidential campaign lead her on a path to self-discovery, making sophomore year one to remember.

Come along on Margot’s journey in this sequel to Freshman Fourteen that has new faces, backroom politics, and a few twists and turns along the way.

mexicoLiving or Retiring in Mexico, by Leo Buijs

‘Living or Retiring in Mexico’ is a poignant collection of stories and practical information for anyone that wants to spend more time in Mexico, or would even be considering staying permanently. Written by a seasoned gringo, the book covers Mexican culture and history, what to expect in this foreign country and how to deal with it. From bringing goods into Mexico, insurance or buying property, handling utilities to nachos and mescal. Many useful suggestions are shared, even for one who is not planning to be an expat, it’s informative and at times funny to anyone with an interest in Mexico. The 174-page book is a guide for people considering ‘living the life’, or retiring in Mexico, while seeing their retirement budget gain substantial spending power.

fallFall For Me, by K.R. Reese

Ashlee moved away from every painful event of her past. She was happy in Wilson Creek, at least as much as possible. She wasn’t looking for relationships, wasn’t looking for a one-night stand, wasn’t looking for the turn of events that throws her life into chaos. But it’s here and she has to overcome it.

Michael hadn’t been back home once since he moved away for college. The small town, country lifestyle wasn’t exciting enough for him. And he didn’t like permanence anywhere. Going home to Wilson Creek is a huge step for him and his family knows it. What he doesn’t expect is the outcome of his choices that unravel his world, and there’s nothing he can do to change it.

Will it be a one-night stand of unkindled love? Can they walk away unscathed? Or will Ashlee and Michael’s paths lead them to where they belong? With each other. In the end, they’ll have to give up everything they’ve worked for to face the changes in their lives. Can they do it together? Or will it cause them to fall apart?

chemistryChemistry, by C.L. Lynch

Sassy seventeen-year-old Stella Blunt faces self-esteem issues, bullies, first love, and a zombie outbreak in this hilarious feminist response to paranormal romance tropes. Teens will laugh out loud as Stella solves her problems with confidence, curse words, and a chainsaw.

What Reviewers Are Saying: “Smart and Sassy!” “Clever, bold, and funny from cover to cover”, “delightfully funny, wickedly sharp”, “I couldn’t put it down.”

treasonThe Treason Game, by Viv Doyle

Lina has two passions in life: playing The Treason Game online and dreaming about Tyler, the avatar of a fellow gamer. A gifted artist, she applies for an internship with a company whose boss, Aron Taylor, helped to make ‘Treason.’ But could Taylor and Tyler possibly be one and the same?

At home, Lina is in constant conflict with her religious mother, who believes all video games to be the Work of the Devil. Her best friend, Kit, who works for another games company, is supportive at first. But then Kit finds a new partner, and her friendship with Lina takes second place. At work, the other game developers are helpful and kind, but although Lina finds Aron Taylor very attractive he seems unapproachable. She can’t bring herself to reveal her online identity, much as she longs to do so. Only when the studio team goes to Paris Games Week is everything resolved, but not at all in the way that Lina expected.

ashesFrom Ashes, by Lynzie Allen

Everybody loves a bad boy. The exhilarating feeling of being wanted, the safe danger and even the fights can be intoxicating. The fun fades when the romance twists into possessiveness and jealousy.

Brooke Dell is the oldest of three sisters and she knows all about dating a controlling man. She wants nothing more than to put it behind her, but when her younger sister starts having an affair, her past is brought to light.
Will she be able to close that door forever or has this old wound cut too deep?


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