It’s new release day! Web of Nightmares and more

Web of Nightmares

Book 8 of the Reg Rawlins, Psychic Investigator series is out! Check out Web of Nightmares today:

Psychic Reg Rawlins is hoping to get her life back to normal, or some semblance of it. With the gems she was given by the fairies for saving Calliopia’s life, she doesn’t need to worry about money. Maybe never again. She can just relax, get the sleep she needs, and not have to worry about hustling a living.

Life is better with money. Maybe she’ll even take up a hobby. Travel. Visit Erin.

But the rest of the world seems to have other ideas. Reg senses that all is not well in Black Sands. She is plagued by nightmares and visions, but her ability to consciously access her powers is limited.


And more new releases

Deadly Diagnosis

When one of Dr Moreland’s terminally-ill patients says that they must tell her something of grave importance, she expects to hear of some long-past personal or family indiscretion. But the old lady speaks wildly of a deadly threat within the charity shop where she volunteers and even intimates that her concern links to the town’s now-derelict psychiatric hospital. Dr Moreland is soothingly sympathetic but privately dismissive. She already has enough on her plate with work, not to mention, attending a much-dreaded medical school reunion where she must face the snide remarks of her peers when they hear about her own, recent mental health issues.

But when the old lady is later found dead in circumstances that are not only suspicious but quite gruesome, the doctor begins to doubt her original judgement. If she is to discover the reason for the killing, she must regain her confidence swiftly and act without falter.

Poisoned in Paradise

Public Health Officer Rynelle MacLeod loves keeping her Caribbean island pristine for visitors. But when a visiting billionaire is struck down with food poisoning, she has to cut her own vacation short to stop a nasty crisis. And she’s sure the skin-and-bones stalker who keeps hitting on her is actually a reporter sniffing out a dirty scoop.

NASA Astronaut Joe Johnson struggles to blend into the blue-water paradise. Secretly on an underwater mission, the ISS-stationed scientist is focused on avoiding people and pathogens and getting his gravity-laden body back into shape. But it’s the larger-than-life, germ-busting beauty he continually bumps into that’s making his heart work overtime.

In a race to prevent microbial mayhem, Rynelle slowly warms up to the scrawny man interfering with tracking down the toxin-inducing culprit. But when Joe thinks she’s about to expose his hidden research habitat, he’s forced to choose between career contamination and an out-of-this world romance.

Silent Knight

Centuries’ old secrets. A modern grail quest. A search for truth…
When archaeology student Hiram Kane meets a mysterious stranger who claims to be a descendent of the last British Templar Knight, what starts out as a quiet night in the pub with friends for Christmas drinks quickly turns into a modern grail quest and a lethal search for truth.

The problem is, they’re not the only ones searching, and their rivals are armed and deadly.

In a race against time that spans the length of Britain, and sees Hiram visiting legendary archaeological sites and battling nefarious secret societies, the young student develops a taste for adventure and learns of his innate gift for attracting danger.

With history on the line and truths to be uncovered, Kane must lead his friends to victory in what rapidly descends into a fight for their very lives.

The Watchman of Rothenburg Dies

Etta and Dora, both newly retired teachers, travel from their home in Southern Italy to a fairy-tale German town for their first home swap holiday, delighted by their neighbours’ warm welcome. But the welcome turns sour when the Night Watchman of Rothenburg is brutally murdered while his tour group takes photographs nearby, a halberd buried in his chest and a peculiar iron mask by his side.

When the murderer claims a second victim and the son of their hospitable neighbours becomes the number-one suspect, Etta’s analytical mind goes to work. Why was a shame mask left at the scene of each murder? Is there a clandestine trade going on behind the scenes of apparently upstanding local businesses? And why does every lead take her back to the sinister Devil’s Ale pub and the terrifying gang who lurk within?

Meanwhile, Dora has a puzzle of her own – how can she persuade Etta that a loveably disobedient Basset Hound called Napoleon is now a permanent part of their lives?

Twisted Treats

It’s murder when family come to visit.

Great Aunt Sophia’s in town to teach Lina all of her witchy ways.
No great surprise, her eccentric great aunt’s teaching methods are just as unorthodox as the lady herself. Certainly not approved by the International Criminal Witch Police.

Which is a problem, since Lina’s neck deep in another murder investigation.

Lina has to juggle her great aunt’s idea of witch training as she helps the ICWP solve a rather unusual murder…one that’s been linked to Lina’s magic.

Can she balance her witch training while trying to catch a killer? Oh, and also keep her great aunt out of the clink.

First in Series Sampler

Description for this block. Use this spDo you enjoy samples, say a box of chocolates, filled with assorted samples to pick from?

Here is a box set of cozy mysteries and cozy paranormal mysteries to try out. Each book is the first in the series to give you a taste of what the series will be like. I’ve set all the books in tropical South Florida, where the beautiful beaches hold more than sunny days of fun. There is plenty of murder and mystery, pets, and amateur sleuths following the clues.

Mist At The Beach House brings Morgan Seaver to her childhood home only to be blamed for the murder of her aunt, and a family legend of mermaids and revenge that must be sorted out. Along with a mysterious Kitten from the mist, Morgan begins to unravel the past.
Killer Focus finds Piper Avery having a bad day, an awful day. A pink slip, her 50th birthday, and being notified her mother and mother-in-law have bought the house across the street are only the start. Because the next thing she knows, she has discovered a body on the beach. Add in a new dog, a bit of a diva, and Piper’s life begins to change.

Whispered Voices are what Mac now hears after a dangerously close hit by a bolt of lightning. But these aren’t the friendly voices of friends or family. No, she can now hear the voices of killers as they plan the next murder. Mac must listen to the voices in her head to solve the mysteries before it’s too late. And she must accept that not all fairytales are make-believe.
Murder for Neptune’s Trident is about Megan Cassidy’s witnessing a brutal murder and her efforts to figure out why the young man was killed–before his killers find her. Along with the help of her clue sniffing beagle, Barney, Megan finds out that the past can really haunt you.

News and Nachos

Is her best friend a murderer?

When the owner of the local Mexican restaurant is found dead face down in a plate of nachos, Tilly Bordeaux, the reporter for the Tri-Town Times, is on the job.

As she dives into the life of the deceased, she uncovers seedy behavior, lies and fraud. Even though the list of those who wanted the man dead is long, the sheriff, up for reelection, is focused exclusively on Tilly’s best friend, Carla, as the main suspect.

Tilly has no choice but to search for the true killer herself… before her friend is sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

Deception in Devon

On sale just $0.99

She’s a sassy senior, traveling solo, who’s ready to sleuth!

Before heading to her London, England pet sit, Viviane travels to Devon for a bit of sight-seeing.

Soon after Viviane arrives, a young woman staying at the inn is found unconscious.

Was it an accident or had she been attacked?

As Viviane becomes involved with the other guests staying there, she realizes that she’s staying in a house of secrets.

Death by Bagpipes

When a trip to Scotland ends in tragedy, travel guide Lana Hansen must sleuth out who murdered her guest before she ends up paying the piper.

Lana hasn’t seen her ex-husband, Ron, since their divorce was finalized eight months earlier. So when they bump into each on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, she is not exactly jumping for joy.

To make matters worse, Ron threatens a member of her tour group—a beloved and respected magician named Presto the Amazing. Ron is convinced Presto stole one of his magic tricks—the same act that propelled the famous magician into stardom—and swears he will get his revenge.

After Presto is scared to death by a group of well-meaning bagpipers, the police suspect he was first poisoned—and that Ron is the culprit!

Broom Mates

Paws and effect?

Sweetwater Falls has another murder, and this time Zoe Cross is just relieved she’s not the main suspect.

That doesn’t mean that she’s not getting involved, though.

Witch, please.

Sean Peabody, the handsome warlock detective that has his eyes and hands all over Zoe, is leading the investigation. And while he may be pretty, Zoe knows that he needs all the help he can get. It’s up to Zoe, her cat familiar, Paws, her psychic Aunt Zelda, and her mortal friend Lissie to figure out who it could be.

Whoever it is will go to any length to hide themselves. They’ll kill anyone in any way needed to keep their activities secret.

Tell me what you think!

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