Excerpt from The Secret Place

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I am just about through The Secret Place by Tana French, Book 5 of Dublin Murder Squad. It’s a good cold case murder mystery with lots of twisty secrets, personalities, and fun tongue-in-cheek descriptions. I haven’t read any of the others in the series, but I probably will in the future!

Be warned that this one does have a liberal helping of profanity.

“What’s an exfoliator?” Becca wants to know. …

“It sounds like a weapon of mass destruction,” Julia says. “And they’re the droid exfoliation army, just following orders. We will exfoliate.”

Tana French, The Secret Place

In this “dizzyingly addictive”* novel, Detective Stephen Moran has been waiting for his chance to join Dublin’s Murder Squad when sixteen-year-old Holly Mackey arrives in his office with a photo of a popular boy whose body was found at a girls’ boarding school a year earlier. The photo had been posted at “The Secret Place,” the school’s anonymous gossip board, and the caption says “I KNOW WHO KILLED HIM.” Stephen joins with Detective Antoinette Conway to reopen the case—beneath the watchful eye of Holly’s father, fellow detective Frank Mackey. With the clues leading back to Holly’s close-knit group of friends, to their rival clique, and to the tangle of relationships that bound them all to the murdered boy, the private underworld of teenage girls turns out to be more mysterious and more dangerous than the detectives imagined.



  1. Kathy Martin says

    Sounds good. I haven’t heard of this series before. This week I am reading The Reluctant Queen by Sarah Beth Durst. Happy reading!

  2. This one sounds like lot of fun. I have a soft spot for cold case murder mysteries – I’ll look out for it. Thank you for swinging by earlier:)

  3. LOL It does sound like something military. And I’m curious about your news. I’ll be watching for your post.

    My TT from Iced

  4. I have had the first book in this series since 2014 (and haven’t yet read it!). I want to read the newer books I see, but stubbornly stick to the plan to read them in order. This one sounds good! Here’s mine: “THE BOOKSHOP AT WATER’S END”

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