Excerpt from The Santa Shop

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A quick holiday read from last week: The Santa Shop (The Samaritans Conspiracy Book 1) by Tim Greaton. I don’t normally spring for a book of fewer than 200 pages, but I made an exception for this Christmas story (and then discovered that 30% of that is an excerpt from the next book in the series). It is currently free (I think probably permafree, but I can’t be sure.) So, without further ado:

I gritted my teeth and trudged on, thankful there was no snow yet. Christmas lights glared from many of the apartment windows I passed. I was uncertain, but it seemed to me that the dreaded holiday was only a week or so away. Just the thought of it gave me a sinking feeling inside.

Tim Greaton, The Santa Shop

twitter santa shopSkip Ralstat is a man so steeped in grief and despair that life seems no longer possible. After the death of his wife and child, Skip blames himself. He has given up his friends, his job and now, devoid of all hope, he survives on the mean streets of Albany. He knows it can’t go on, that life must end…but will it?

In “The Santa Shop” we get our first glimpse at the Samaritans Conspiracy, a secretive group of individuals who are seldom seen and never recognized.

Also, don’t miss “Red Gloves” the second novel in this emotional, life-affirming series. With Maine teenage corpses stacking up and her life crumbling around her, Lead Detective Priscilla Harris seeks out a red-gloved stalker who is either a murderer or a saint.


  1. Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace says

    I haven’t heard of this book before, I like the tease though!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. Oh but why so grim? I suppose the holiday season isn’t always cheery for some, the book cover has led me to believe this :/

  3. I like the sound of this. I think many people feel this way this time of the year. Here’s mine: http://writenotereviews.com/2014/12/09/teaser-tuesday-pieces-of-a-lie-by-rowena-holloway/

  4. Eep, humbug. Is this Scrooge?

  5. A sad story,hope he finds his way.

  6. The word “glared” to describe the Christmas lights is very telling about this character’s mindset. My teaser: A Last Chance Christmas

  7. Hopefully everything will work out for him.

    Thanks for stopping by mine for White Fire at http://wp.me/pZnGI-gh

  8. Awe my heart automatically goes out to him! Even the cover makes me sad 🙁 Hope it was a good read though and that you enjoyed the next one. I’ll check if it is still free and maybe grab it 🙂

  9. With a back story like that you can understand his ambivalence. Thanks for visiting my TT https://cleopatralovesbooks.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/teaser-tuesday-december-9/

  10. This one just hasn’t grabbed me. Hope you enjoy it though.

  11. I’ve seen this book before. Christmas isn’t always a happy time for some people. Maybe he’ll find a reason to live.
    Here’s my TT – http://fuonlyknew.com/2014/12/09/teaser-tuesdays-91-a-zombie-christmas-giveaway-and-freebies/

  12. An intriguing teaser. There are many out there who dread the festive season.
    Here’s my teaser

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