Excerpt from Riders of the Purple Sage

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Have you seen my new pre-release trailer for “Diversion, Breaking the Pattern #2“? I am getting close to release date! And you don’t have to have read book #1 to follow this one, it works just fine as a stand alone.

I’m still reading Tin God, so I thought I would include a teaser from the audiobook I just finished, Zane Grey’s classic “Riders of the Purple Sage“. A western, in case you’ve never heard of Zane Grey! Here you go:

You see it was this way. I come round the house an’ seen that fat party an’ heard him talkin’ loud. Then he seen me, an’ very impolite goes straight for his gun.

Riders of the Purple Sage, Zane Grey

The description on Amazon is a little lacking, but here it is:

51ujCdtFbjL._SL250_No book has a better claim to have invented the myth of the American West.

It is 1871 in Cottonwoods, Utah. A woman stands accused. A man, sentenced to whipping. Into this travesty of small-town justice rides the one man the town elders fear: the gunman, Lassiter. It doesn’t take long for Lassiter to see that this once-peaceful Mormon community is controlled by the corrupt Deacon Tull. Tull is a powerful elder who is trying to take rancher, Jane Withersteen’s land by forcing her to marry him, branding her foreman as a dangerous outsider. Lassiter vows to help them, but when the ranch is attacked by horse thieves, cattle rustlers, and a mysterious Masked Rider, he realizes they’re up against something bigger, and more brutal than the land itself.


  1. I’ve never heard of this! Great teaser, though! 😀

  2. I’ve never heard of this book but I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  3. I love the sound of this one, I will have to check it out 🙂

  4. Believe it or not, I’ve never read any of these classic books by Zane Grey. I should remedy that!
    My Teaser is from LEAN ON ME.

  5. How rude! 🙂

  6. Have never read this one, though my dad loved westerns, especially those by Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour. Mine is from a classic childhood favorite: Rascal by Sterling North

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