Excerpt from My Story by Elizabeth Smart

Hopefully all of you in Canada and the US (and anywhere else it is observed) enjoyed their Labour Day weekend, and maybe even got some reading in. I was traveling, so I didn’t get much done in the way of reading and still have a few more words to get down to reach my writing quota, but I am thankful for those people who have fought for better working conditions and human rights around the world.

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I am just starting to read My Story, by Elizabeth Smart, and am quite looking forward to it. I have been amazed at what Elizabeth went through and what she has been able to do with her life. What a strong, faith-filled woman, and what an amazing family who never gave up on her either. I really appreciate and admire the insight and education that Elizabeth Smart and others like her bring to us. Elizabeth narrates the audiobook herself.

When faced with pain and evil, we have to make a choice.
We can choose to be taken by the evil.
Or we can try to embrace the good. 

Elizabeth Smart, My Story

In this memoir, Elizabeth Smart reveals how she survived and the secret to forging a new life in the wake of a brutal crime. On June 5, 2002, fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Smart, the daughter of a close-knit Mormon family, was taken from her home in the middle of the night by religious fanatic Brian David Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Barzee. Elizabeth was kept chained, dressed in disguise, repeatedly raped, and told she and her family would be killed if she tried to escape. After her rescue on March 12, 2003, she rejoined her family and worked to pick up the pieces of her life.

With My Story, Elizabeth tells of the constant fear she endured every hour, her courageous determination to maintain hope, and how she devised a plan to manipulate her captors and convinced them to return to Utah, where she was rescued minutes after arriving. Smart explains how her faith helped her stay sane in the midst of a nightmare and how she found the strength to confront her captors at their trial and see that justice was served.

In the years after her rescue, Smart transformed from victim to advocate, traveling the country and working to educate, inspire and foster change. She has created a foundation to help prevent crimes against children and is a frequent public speaker. She and her husband, Matthew Gilmour, now have two children.

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