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Her Work Was Everything

Friday was launch day for Her Work was Everything, Book #7 of Zachary Goldman Mysteries. Check it out and pick up a few other new releases as well!

I just finished reading Badlands, book #3 in C.J. Box’s Highway series. I rarely end up reading series in order, but in this case I have actually read books 1 and 2 (in that order!) The listing for the series on Amazon is a bit wonky. Book 1 is not listed as part of the series. In case you are trying to read them in order, book 1 is Back of Beyond. Although I was not happy with the death of a main character in book 2, I enjoyed the FAS character Kyle Westergaard—although, he did not have the same issues as the FAS children I have known. Box is a great storyteller and I really enjoy following the twists and turns of the investigations.

Kyle twisted around and looked behind him. He remembered he’d seen something small and white eject from the rolling car. It was bigger than he’d thought, though: a thick bundle of something. 

C.J. Box, Badlands

Twelve-year-old Kyle Westergaard dreams of getting out of Grimstad and leading a better life. Even though Kyle has been written off as a “slow” kid, he has dreams deeper than anyone can imagine. One day, while delivering newspapers, he witnesses a car accident and takes a mysterious bundle from the scene. Suddenly he’s in possession of a lot of money—and packets of white powder—and Kyle can’t help but wonder whether his luck has changed…for better or for worse.

When the temperature drops to 30 below and a gang war heats up, it’s up to Cassie to help restore law and order. But is she in over her head? As she is propelled on a collision course with a murderous enemy, she finds that the key to it all might come in the most unlikely form: a boy on a bike named Kyle. He keeps showing up where he doesn’t belong. And he seems to know something that Cassie does not about what lies beneath the surface of this small and troubled town…

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