Delusions of the Past and other new releases

It’s launch day for Delusions of the Past!

Delusions of the Past is book #6 in the Reg Rawlins, Psychic Detective series. If you love paranormal cozy mysteries, this one is for you. The books in the Reg Rawlins series can be read as stand-alone mysteries, or you can read the whole series and enjoy the development of Reg and the supporting cast of characters in Black Sands. The set of books 1-3 of the series is still available for the sale price of $2.99, if you haven’t read them.

About Delusions of the Past

What kind of a monster poisons a psychic’s cat?

When Starlight first fell ill, Reg thought that she was the cause of it. She should have been watching him more carefully. She should have found out about household plants and chemicals that could hurt her familiar. She was clearly a negligent owner.

But it soon becomes clear that there is some darker force at work, and Reg is going to need all of her resources to find the culprit before it is too late if she is to have any chance of saving her furry companion’s life.


She saw the tip of Starlight’s tail behind the kitchen island and was relieved.
“You finally decided to come out of the tree?”
His tail didn’t twitch. Reg rounded the island and gasped.

More new releases

If you are stuck at home, this might be just the right time for a stack of new reads for you! Did you know that Amazon is currently offering US readers two months free in the Kindle Unlimited program? Over a million books, read as many as you like each month!

Whether you are in KU or not, see if any of these other new releases tickle your fancy!

The Yellow-Bellied Scaredy Cat

The town of Magnolia Cove has lost its magic. It’s up to Pepper Reign to reclaim it.

When Blake Calhoun sets out to steal the heart fire, the object that makes the town of Magnolia Cove, Alabama, magical, his plan backfires. The heart isn’t stolen, instead it breaks into four pieces and scatters across the state. Now, newly married Pepper and Axel Reign must work to track down each piece. Lucky for them, when a person finds a piece, they are bestowed with strange abilities.

Only One Cure

When a private plane whisks CDC epidemiologist Madeline Hamilton to Washington D.C. for an urgent medical symposium, she knows something significant is underway—but she doesn’t expect to face the most disturbing medical mystery of her career. A debilitating neurological toxin has stricken the children of several political families, and one of them is the son of U.S. President Anna Moreland.
With the lives of children on the line, Madeline assembles a team of medical experts. The investigation takes a horrifying turn when she starts receiving communications from the terrorists, who want to engage in a deadly political game.

Desperate to find the perpetrators and a cure, the White House recruits FBI antiterror specialist Quinn Traynor to run a parallel investigation. As the teenagers start dying and the answers seem no closer, Madeline and Quinn fight to prevail before President Moreland is forced to make an impossible choice: give in to the terrorists’ demands or let her only child succumb to an agonizing death.

Mystic Guests

Fortuna Delphi’s plans to open an art studio while searching out her mysterious origins are derailed when she discovers a punk ghost raging against her in the middle of the night. As his bones are unearthed along with the town’s secrets, she is determined to find out who killed the mohawked teen and why. At least, if she can do it without tipping her hand to the townspeople that she’s a witch.

Between the hot detective that suspects she’s a con-woman up to no good, the smolderingly sexy manager of the local greyhound track that seems to be full of secrets, and a conspiracy theorist reporter determined to enlist Fortuna in her war against the town’s corruption, Fortuna’s life is becoming

Her Darkest Hour

Eve Blackburn is a happily married woman, which is why she’s startled to find herself waking up in another man’s bed. She doesn’t remember how she got there, and she doesn’t recognize the stranger sleeping next to her.

That isn’t the only startle Eve receives. When she begins missing chunks of time and finds herself holding a bloody knife she has no recollection of using, her life plummets into a dangerous free fall.

Is she being framed? Should she tell her husband? And how will these dramatic developments affect the baby they’re trying desperately to conceive?

Sugar Skulls & Suspects

Sunnyside is a town filled with witches and other paranormal beings. Sure, normal folk come through, but most of the residents are dyed in the wool supernatural.

Maxine Aspen owns the Sugar Skulls Bakery right downtown Sunnyside, in the heart of the madness. She and her family have been running it (sort of) successfully for two generations, but times are getting tough and Max finds herself thinking outside the box to keep the doors open.

Just in time for Halloween, she starts creating Day of the Dead cookies, which are nothing fancy. Just a little fun and spice and all things (magically) nice.

But when her customers start falling down dead, Max has to scramble to figure out just what exactly is going on because she’s the prime suspect.

Peace Talks

When the Supernatural nations of the world meet up to negotiate an end to ongoing hostilities, Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard, joins the

White Council’s security team to make sure the talks stay civil. But can he succeed, when dark political manipulations threaten the very existence of Chicago–and all he holds dear?

Ghosts & Gateaux

When a nasty and unpopular resident of Brookdale is murdered, Fern has to set aside personal feelings to find justice for the victim. Unfortunately, her investigation puts her directly in the killer’s line of sight.

The danger also pushes her closer to Detective Mitch Landry. Will Fern’s involvement in the case put their new feelings on ice?

Wisteria Woven

Zara Riddle was looking forward to her first Halloween as a witch.

Then the little girl ghost showed up.

Zara puts costume shopping on hold, rolls up her sleeves, and does her usual witcher-i-doo.

But nothing works as planned. Mistakes are made. Dinner parties are ruined. (More than usual.)

Could this stubborn spirit be connected to a family member’s past? Perhaps the Big Tragic Secret nobody talks about?

Zara won’t rest until she gets to the truth, even if means pushing the whole coven to the breaking point. And break they do.

In Wisteria, when things start falling apart, there’s no telling what powerful forces will be unleashed.

The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion

A paranormal phenomenon, a mysterious curse, and an unsolved murder forty years in the making.
A young couple move into their dream home only to find a dark presence lurking from within. For Curtis and Mary, the small town of Redwood, Indiana seems too good to be true.

Everything is perfect, including the Victorian mansion they purchased at a great price. But they soon experience terrifying supernatural encounters tied to the deadly secrets of an unsolved mass murder.

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