August new release round-up

Coup de Glace

Looking for some new reads for the rest of your summer? Coup de Glace, book 6 of the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series is now out!

The trouble with solving murders in a little town like Bald Eagle Falls is that everybody knows about it, and then they expect you to solve their cases too. When Bella brings a new—or rather a cold—case to Erin, she protests that she is not a detective. But Bella really needs her; how could an old woman just have gone missing without anyone following up on it? How could they just accept Ezekiel’s assertion that his wife was fine and she was just off visiting. Eventually, that excuse must have worn out.

Meanwhile, a blast from Erin’s own past—a foster sister Erin would rather not see again—shows up, bringing with her another set of complications.

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Other new releases

Here’s a stack of some other new releases for you! Fill up your Kindle with some of these great reads.

A Berry Baffling Businessman, by AR Winters

A Berry Baffling Businessman

When an old friend visits Kentucky, the stars align. Chef John Radde, head chef at the swanky Chicago-based Smoulder, graciously offers to cater the entire event using Kylie’s café kitchen. The up-and-coming culinary whiz Chef John can’t resist the free publicity—and Chef Plus Amateur Sleuth Kylie can’t resist the chance to learn a thing or two!

While Kylie runs the storefront and John manages the catering team in the kitchen, disaster strikes the small country town yet again. The dead body of packaging magnate Oliver “Ollie” Drysdale is discovered beneath a dumpster during the conference, and the police suspect murder most foul.


Jump Gate Omega, by Tom Shepherd

Jump Gate Omega

In trouble far from Terra, facing trial in an alien court? Welcome aboard the starship Patrick Henry, refurbished pleasure ship converted into a flying law office building, with former holographic prostitutes re-purposed as crew and legal staff.

Tyler shook his head. “Specify, Dad. What do you want us to do?”
His father glared at him. “Go to the Rim, sue those amphibious bastards for everything they’ve got, and get Jump Gate Omega on track again!”

If the new Matthews Corporation Jump Gate fails to span 2.5 million light years to the Andromeda galaxy, the heavily invested star-faring civilization of the Milky Way will face economic ruin and brutal war.

The Star Lawyers must run a gauntlet to the Rim, dodging pirates, politicians, prelates, and predatory star nations intent on seizing the new Gate to Andromeda.


Arson at the Art Gallery, by Grace York

Arson at the Art Gallery

The beach house is Addison Lake’s retirement plan. Memories of childhood holidays playing in the sand with her cousins come flooding back as soon as she sets foot in Getaway Bay. After the death of her husband, turning her new beach house into a bed and breakfast and reconnecting with family is just the tonic she needs. But just days after her move to the sleepy coastal town, Addison’s new life turns on its head.

A fire at her cousin Layla’s art gallery has devastating consequences.

There’s a body in the rubble.

The stubborn local detective needs a fast arrest, and he has Layla in his sights.

Daughter of Dragons, by A.J. Flowers

Daughter of Dragons

Lily’s life is perfect—or at least it was. She thought she was in love with Damian Dawson, valedictorian and Nimrock’s shining star. She tells everyone they’re drifting apart because he’s about to go off to college. The truth is she’s turning into a dragon.

As if fangs and creepy visions weren’t bad enough, a knight, James, has come to take her life. He’s everything Damian isn’t: rude, arrogant… and a dangerous kind of sexy. When she discovers his orders come from a deep family feud, she convinces him that he doesn’t have to kill fledgling dragons to protect humanity. She wouldn’t hurt anyone, and she’ll prove it, even if it’s just to herself.

There’s an ominous threat on the horizon, one that smells of burnt flesh tinged with dragonfire. Lily has Seen it. Where she places her trust and her love will determine who will hold her heart, and who will have to die.

Death for Sale, by Elleby Harper

Death for Sale

When DCI Bex Wynter answers a call meant for her boss, she’s swept up in the hunt for a serial killer. The trouble is, it’s not her case. But with a little girl’s life at risk, she just can’t let it go.

Then it becomes clear someone doesn’t want this case solved. With the threat of violence comes a tough decision: track down a ruthless killer or endanger someone close to her.

Elegant Death, by Beate Boeker

Elegant Death

Carlina and Stefano’s marriage party is brought to an abrupt end when the glamorous girlfriend of Enzo, Carlina’s brother, is shot. Dorotea left her fortune and the famous Milanese Camicie di Silva, a luxurious company for men’s shirts, to Enzo, so everything points to him as the culprit.

Stefano can’t take the case because he’s now officially related, but that doesn’t stop the Mantonis. Without further ado, Enzo engages Carlina and Stefano as business consultants. To find the real murderer, they have to dive deep into the corporate tangles of the fashion industry in Milan where nothing is as it seems …

Reel of Fortune, by Jana Deleon

Reel of Fortune

Nothing says Welcome Home like a murder.

It’s official. Fortune Redding is out of the CIA and a newly minted resident of Sinful, Louisiana. She never expected her homecoming to be all apple pie and hugs, but a murder wasn’t on her list of things to deal with before she’d even gotten her name stenciled on her mailbox.

Boone Carre—Hooch, to the locals—was a drunk and a louse and had shafted pretty much everyone he’d ever done business with. So when someone kills him, there is no shortage of suspects. Unfortunately, Ally is at the top of the list.

Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie know that Ally isn’t capable of murdering anyone, but with an ambitious ADA looking to make a name for himself, and the local gossip train intent on finding someone to blame, they know they have to find the killer and clear Ally’s name.

Coconut Cream Confession, by Cassie Rivers

Coconut Cream Confession


In the quaint beach town of Sunny Shores, Florida, business is booming for the Burger She Wrote Food truck. Kara Summer’s decision to quit law school and open her own food truck seemed to be a good one.

Or so she thought…

When a stray cat is chased inside the food truck by Mrs. Watson’s prized cocker spaniel, things get messy. Unfortunately for Kara, the town’s food inspector, Margaret Pettyjohn, drops by unannounced at the same time. Ms. Pettyjohn decides to temporary shut Kara’s food truck down during the busiest time in the summer.

A few days later when Ms. Pettyjohn is found murdered in front of a coconut tree on T.J.’s farm, questions arise. Once again, Kara finds herself in the middle of another investigation. Only this time, she is a suspect.

Witch Way to Amethyst Bay? by Catherine Wright

Witch Way to Amethyst Bay?

The three Bell sisters — Holli Jayne, Gemini Katherine, and Poppy Lupine — grew up in bucolic Amethyst Bay, Oregon, beside the Columbia River, under the bemused eye of their flamboyant Aunt Dorte, who has a knack (or is it a power?) for turning up at the right time in the right places. The women have become pillars of their town: business owners and social mavens, all with a touch of seeming serendipity and a lot of great food. Fortunately, they love to share recipes.

But Amethyst Bay’s tranquil surface is roiled when the girlfriend of the ill-tempered cheese shop owner turns up dead, and telltale signs point to one of the Bells.

Scissors, Siblings & Surprises, by Emily Selby

Scissors, Siblings & Surprises

This is the last moment to decide what she wants to do with the inherited workshop, so Katie is desperate to have some peace and quiet to make up her mind. But instead, she finds a friend’s husband holding a pair of blood-stained scissors and standing over a stabbed body of his brother.

Is he the murderer, an important witness, or just an unfortunate victim of a clever, multi-layer set-up?

As usual, Katie and Jack embark on the mission to untangle a web of lies, secrets and local gossip.

Murder at the Book Club, by Betsy Reavley

Murder at the Book Club

When the body of a woman is discovered on a Cambridge common, DCI Barrett and DI Palmer are called in to investigate. But the motive behind the crime isn’t clear… And it all leads back to a book club.

As the lies, volatile friendships and tension among the group rise to the surface, DCI Barrett and DI Palmer must work out the motive and track down a cold-blooded killer. But just when they think they are on the right track, a twist in the case throws them off course…


Trouble has a Tail, by Victoria LK Williams

Trouble has a Tail


Every dog has a tail, but Barney has a tale! This is the story of how Barney came to be a part of Megan’s household. A novella for Barney’s fans… Read along, and try not to laugh!

Death by Rolling Pin, by Linda West

Death by Rolling Pin


When the ladies of the Enchanted Cafe get invited to the prestigious 3P cooking event they couldn’t be happier. But when the King of Pasta falls over dead after eating their event special pie, things take another turn. Soon another body turns up and the mystery unravels as multiple suspects and multiple bodies add up to one amazing mystery!

Death by Rolling Pin is set in the small mountain town of Kissing Bridge. Magic and miracles live here along with some of the nicest people you ever met. Everyone wants to move to Kissing Bridge where everyone knows your name, and cares about each other.

Quarrelsome Quartz, by Mildred Abbot

Quarrelsome Quartz


As summer draws to a close, the Spirit, Health, and Heart Conference arrives, just in time for Winifred’s sisters to open their store next to the Cozy Corgi Bookshop. To Fred’s surprise, Chakras turns out to be a beautiful addition to the delightful mountain town. The shop even has a room so pleasing in its crystal tranquility that Fred’s corgi, Watson, approves—and hardly anything impresses him.

But not everyone is charmed by the crystals, tarot readings, and messages of personal enlightenment. When a famous spiritualist is found dead, Chakras and the entire town is plunged into a conflict that touches the lives of those closest to Fred.
Although she is hesitant to become involved, it is simply not in the cards for Fred to sit out the investigation. As she and Watson embark on a journey that forces them to take a look into the darker shadows of Estes Park, Fred soon finds herself digging into the secrets of those she loves…

Murder and Cherry Cake, by Meredith Potts

Murder and Cherry Cake


A missing woman. A frantic search. A baffling lack of clues. And cherry cake.

Sabrina Daley’s life changed forever when her sister went missing thirty years ago. It ended up taking over a decade to discover Jessica Daley’s body and arrest the man responsible for her murder. Ever since that tragedy, missing-persons cases have triggered a deep emotional response in Sabrina.

So when Sabrina’s friend Angela Hummel disappears one day, Sabrina can’t help but be torn up inside.

As Sabrina begins searching for Angela, she can’t help but wonder if this new case will have a familiar tragic ending.

The Professor’s Predicament, by Dianne Harman

The Professor’s Predicament

How can you continue to counsel people about their marriage when you’ve missed all the red flags in your own?

That’s Professor Deborah White’s predicament. And the predicament becomes a crisis when a beautiful young coed is murdered. Deborah’s husband, Geoffrey White, an English professor at the university, had selected the coed to help him with “special assignments,” which were usually conducted in a sleazy motel room.



  1. I spy a bunch I’d love to read and a few I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for sharing these!

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