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I’m really excited to introduce a new mystery series to you. Many of you have been enjoying the Auntie Clem’s Bakery cozy mystery series. In Coup de Glace, you met Erin’s foster sister, Reg Rawlins. She was such a fun character to write, she needed her own series.

Having left Vermont, Reg has taken her fortune telling act to Florida, where there is a thriving paranormal community. Black Sands is different than anywhere she’s ever lived before…

About What the Cat Knew

Reg Rawlins, professional con, has really gotten herself into a bind this time. 

The fortune teller gig started as a scam, but she suddenly finds herself tangled up in the case of Warren Blake, a man who she thought was dead. It turns out he may still be alive, but in mortal peril. 

Reg has always taken the quick exit, the easy way out, but running out on this racket might mean someone else’s death. 

Staying in it might mean hers. 

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Southern Potions

Southern Potions

Southern Potions, by Amy Boyles

It’s New Year’s and Pepper Dunn is ready to celebrate. She’s been hard at work creating a potion for the annual Potion-Making Contest. All she must do is present her creation.

Pepper’s plans go awry when a sorceress claims she can turn a witch into a toad—all she needs is a volunteer.

But when the sorceress is murdered and the potion stolen, all Pepper wants is to stay out of it. She’s had enough of murders.

Problem is, one of her relatives was transformed into a toad. With the potion missing, Pepper must act fast to find it before her family member is stuck living as a toad—forever.

Freaky Deaky Tiki

Freaky Deaky Tiki

Freaky Deaky Tiki, by Amanda M. Lee

Hadley Hunter is learning about life, love … and being a witch.

She has a hot and hunky boyfriend, new friends, and family she didn’t know existed until recently.

Her plate is full.

Life gets even busier when a Detroit grim reaper named Aisling Grimlock hits Moonstone Bay for her honeymoon. Aisling is loud, brash … and pregnant. Unfortunately, she’s not one of those women who gets happy and develops a glow at the notion of a new baby.

When a body turns up on the docks, Hadley decides to help her boyfriend Galen investigate. All she knows for certain is that the murder looks ritual thanks to the tiki mask left behind … and the gaping wound in his chest.
Since she’s bored and limited, Aisling latches on to Hadley and volunteers to help. That means zipping around the island and investigating the local cult that lives in the forest.

Aisling has specific ideas about what should be done. Hadley has her own ideas. And Galen wants them both to steer clear of his investigation.
Things are bound to collide … and they do in spectacular fashion.

What happens when Detroit’s mouthiest reaper and Moonstone Bay’s newest witch collide? You’re about to find out.

The stakes are high, death is in the air … and a few more secrets are about to be unveiled. Strap in, because things are about to get freaky.

Almost Charmed

Almost Charmed

Almost Charmed, by Rose Pressey

Something borrowed, something blue, something not so charmed. The wedding day has arrived for Halloween LaVeau. Will this be happily ever after for Hallie? Or will her leadership status of the Underworld jeopardize her relationship and produce deadly consequences?

The Haunted Stroll

Haunted Stroll

The Haunted Stroll, by J A Whiting

Nantucket’s annual Holiday Stroll is fast approaching and when Lin Coffin delivers a wreath to a client who owns an art gallery, she is drawn to a painting of an early nineteenth-century sea captain. It is clear the captain needs Lin’s help, but he remains invisible and is unable to communicate with her. The spirits of Lin’s distant relatives provide her with a clue, but it is mysterious and difficult to understand.

Lin, her cousin, Viv, and island historian, Anton Wilson, work to find the links between a break-in, a long-ago triple murder, and a buyer who offers ten times what the painting is worth.

Ghostly Holiday

Ghostly Holiday

Ghostly Holiday, by Lily Harper Hart

Christmas is here, and Harper Harlow and Jared Monroe have big plans for the holidays. Harper is ready to move into their new house – and find him the perfect gift. And Jared? Well, he’s gearing up to propose and he’s making Zander ring shop with him.

All those plans go out the window when a little girl named Zoe Mathers goes missing and her traumatized mother is zero help in tracking down the culprit. Suspects are few and far between, although Zoe’s deadbeat father is of immediate interest.

Between his most recent ex-girlfriend and potential sex offenders in the area, Jared and his partner have their hands full. Harper doesn’t make things easier when she stumbles upon the ghost of one of their suspects, and a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Between Jared’s mother visiting, Harper’s ex-boyfriend asking for a visit in jail, and Jared waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question, Whisper Cove’s favorite ghost hunters have their hands full.

Jared, Harper, and Zander are determined to get a little girl home in time for Christmas, and celebrate their first big holiday together.

They just have to survive first.



Spelldriver, by Gina LaManna

With a wedding on the horizon and her father tucked safely away in prison, the future is looking bright for Lily Locke. Unfortunately, life on The Isle is never calm for long… and when a Ranger is killed brutally in plain sight, Lily and her fiancé—the renowned Ranger X—find themselves hunting a murderer more ruthless than any they’ve ever encountered before.

However, unraveling the killer’s intricate plot isn’t Lily’s only problem. She has a cousin who is nowhere to be found. A dangerous hunter has escaped from prison. Ranger X is all but obsessed with his latest case, and Lily worries it’s consuming him entirely. Despite it all, Lily must make a decision that will affect not only her life, but the life of the man she loves more than anything else—and once it’s done, there’s no turning back…

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets, by

Morgan Blackmoore has a secret, and she’s desperate to hide it from her sisters. So when local paranormal healer Clementine Vega is murdered and Morgan is accused of the crime, she has to do something she’s never done before—lie to her family. But soon one lie turns into another, and she finds herself navigating a tangled web of deceit.

Now, with her sisters on the verge of war with paranormals, Morgan must uncover the killer’s mysterious motive before her sisters spark a paranormal war that they might not win, or worse, before they discover the shocking secret that Morgan has been hiding from them.

Resting Witch Face

Resting Witch Face

Resting Witch Face, by Constance Barker

Quinn, Harvest and Echo have never met their mother, but that’s about to change. However, she’s not quite what they expected and she’s in danger. Not only that, but someone is trying to destroy the livelihoods of the sisters…or are they trying to get them to use their powers to fight back?

Leshy, the goat/man, is back as well and he has news regarding the triplet’s mother and who might be trying to decimate their lives in the second book of the Triplet Witch Sisters Mystery series.

Son of a Witch

Son of a Witch

Son of a Witch, by K.E. O’Connor

Returning to her magical hometown of Whitefall Cove for Christmas with nothing but a suitcase and a broken heart, she’s determined to enjoy the holiday and start the new year afresh. Her plans go haywire fast when her old nemesis and high school bully Whitney Sims turns up dead, and Harper is implicated in her murder.

Between a detective who doesn’t appreciate her amateur sleuthing skills, running a bookstore she purchased on a whim, and studying to re-sit her witch’s exam, Harper has her hands full. She’s determined to find out whodunit, and clear her name, but she quickly finds the murderer has other plans.

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