Countdown to Camp Nanowrimo!

Just five more hours until Camp Nanowrimo kicks off here!

I have my outline, my beats, my character sketches, my working title and cover. I’m raring to go!

kindle cover 7

When everything changed, Kelli thought she would be happy. But nothing really changed.

Kelli’s life has never been easy. She’s always faced her problems head on. She’s strong and savvy and in charge of herself. All of that is about to change. Her life is turned upside down when she discovers the secret that her mother has been hiding from her for years. Kelli thinks it is her one chance at happiness. But is it?

If you’re just signing up for Camp Nano and haven’t selected a cabin yet, I still have places open in mine. Feel free to drop me a line for an invite or just to talk Nano. My username is pdw.

Tell me what you think!

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