Celebrate Cozy Mystery Day with me!

First of all, when you reach the bottom of this post, please add a comment telling us about your favourite Agatha Christie book. If you haven’t read any Agatha Christie or don’t like her books (heresy!) then tell us about your favourite cozy mystery book, TV show, or movie. That’s lots of options. Please share!

September 15 is Cozy Mystery Day!

Why, you may ask? Because it is Dame Agatha Christie’s birthday, and she is widely regarded as the creator of the cozy mystery. A cozy mystery is generally regarded as a mystery with an amateur sleuth like Miss Marple or Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher, who uses her wits to solve a mystery before the proper authorities. The genre consists of clean reads (no sex on the page, no blood and gore, no f-bombs) that can be enjoyed by all ages.

My Books

I have two series that are cozy mysteries, and additional series and books which, like Christie’s Poirot or Tommy and Tuppence mysteries, would not necessarily be classed as cozy mysteries in today’s market, but as traditional mysteries or whodunnits.

Auntie Clem’s Bakery

Kicking off with Gluten-Free Murder, Dairy-Free Death, and Allergen-Free Assignation, this series features specialty baker Erin Price’s mystery-solving adventures. Enjoy gluten-free muffins, rescue animals, and a handsome officer with a K9 companion as Erin explores mysterious murders and the secrets of her own past.

Bundled sets for books 1-3 (currently $0.99), 4-6, and 7-9 are available as well as the books individually. Books 10-12 have not yet been bundled and are available individually.

Reg Rawlins, Psychic Investigator

A paranormal split-off from the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series follows Erin’s foster sister Reg Rawlins to Florida, where she sets up shop as a psychic services provider, finding out more about the paranormal world than she ever expected to.

This series has proven even more popular than Auntie Clem’s Bakery and is a lot of fun both to read and to write. You can get books 1-3 (currently $2.99) and 4-6 bundled together. Book 7, Fairy Blade Unmade was just recently released, and the next two books are currently on preorder (Web of Nightmares and A Whisker’s Breadth).

Zachary Goldman Mysteries

A traditional mystery or brozy (broader cozy), the Zachary Goldman series follows major cases solved by private investigator Zachary Goldman, who struggles with his own relationship and mental health issues as he tries to help others.

You can get books 1-4 bundled (currently $2.99) and 5-7 individually. More coming soon!

And more!

More of my mysteries and other books available on the handy-dandy book selector page.

How can you celebrate Cozy Mystery Day?

Besides stocking up on more cozy mysteries, you can also:

  • share your favourite quote or line from a cozy mystery book
  • post a photo of your ideal cozy reading spot
  • cook up one of the recipes from the back of a culinary cozy mystery (this cozy mystery recipe book is free)
  • knit or sew a pattern or make something from one of your favourite crafts, sewing, quilting, or crochet cozies
  • send a card to your favourite cozy mystery author, or if you are an author, send a card to your readers or fans
  • leave a review on a cozy mystery book on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, Audible, iTunes, or elsewhere.
  • write a blog post about your favourite cozy book, movie, or author and tell others what it is you love about those books or that author’s writing style
  • follow your favourite cozy authors on their Amazon author pages, or on Twitter, Instagram, or other social media, maybe subscribe to their newsletter if you haven’t already
  • give a cozy mystery book to a friend or relative to borrow, or donate a book to your local library or school. 
  • set up a book signing and invite your favourite cozy mystery book author along to do a meet and greet, signing, talk, workshop, or writing retreat
  • if you are an author or book blogger, why not use the #journorequest hashtag and see if they’ll interview you about your passion for the genre.
  • dress up as one of your favourite characters
  • write your own cozy mystery story
  • perform a cozy mystery story as a play at your local theatre (Agatha Christie has some screenplays/scripts if you need a place to start)
  • take the day off and spend it reading and re-reading all the books on your to be read pile
  • visit a place or location  from a cozy mystery book
  • host a cozy mystery book evening, fancy dinner, share stories, maybe play a game of cluedo, or imagine yourself as a member of the original Detection Club. 
  • write a poem based on a cozy mystery or character, or create a work of art – an embroidered image of Poirot, or a painting of Jessica Fletcher.
Lifted from Sarah Weldon’s When is Cozy Mystery Day?

Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget to tell me about your favourite Agatha Christie book in the comments section!


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    My favourite is ‘And Then There Were None”

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