Thanksgiving Giving!

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for my readers!

I know, most of you are in the US, and your Thanksgiving day isn’t for another month and a half yet. But the growing season is shorter in Canada and our harvest is in. We’ve had our first frost and first blizzard of the year (at least in my part of the country) and our thoughts are turned to toasty socks and stretching out with a good book by the fire.

What am I thankful for? I am thankful for you! Without readers, I’m just talking to myself, and while inventing people and plots is a heckuva lot of fun, it’s nice to have someone to share them with, too. I am working hard at getting to the point where I can make a living writing, and that certainly isn’t going to happen without my faithful readers.

So where is this all leading? To reader gifts, of course! We don’t normally exchange gifts at Thanksgiving. We eat mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and other tasty treats, get a day off of work, and try to do something together as a family. But to show my thanks for you, I got together with some other authors to bring you a cornucopia of new stories.

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I have cajoled some of my other author friends into offering up freebies as well! Here are some of the deals I have tracked down:

Smashed Nuts: Prequel - Sexy Seventies Series by [Low, Andrene]Smashed Nuts, by Andrene Low

Sixteen hundred kilos of German Engineering. Enough alcohol to preserve a dead wallaby. A crazy wife in possession of both. How is Brenda supposed to avoid running into all three?

It’s something she finds out first-hand while navigating the murky waters of dating a married man. But is Hilton really worth risking life and limb over? If he’s the only thing between her, a decent meal, and not living in her car, then that’s gotta be a ‘hell, yes!’.

Autumn Sky by [Pryke, Helen]Autum Sky, by Helen Pryke

The day Julia’s best friend Becky gives her a magazine article to read, her whole world falls apart. After years of emotional and psychological abuse, is Julia ready to face the truth about her perfect marriage to Simon or will she continue to hide her head in the sand? Autumn Sky is a short story of 7,000 words. It includes an excerpt of Walls of Silence, Helen Pryke’s debut novel.

Book CoverRise, by Amir Land

Recovering in his parents’ home in Leipzig, Ekkehardt finds an old journal belonging to his late aunt, where she describes bringing her boyfriend back from the dead. Though the last pages are missing, Ekkehardt knows he has to make things right. He doesn’t expect it to work, and he certainly doesn’t expect to wake up battered and bruised with no idea of how he got home.

It turns out Zven isn’t the only spirit he brought home, and they want his blood.

The Millionaire Next Door: Family Ties by [Phipps, Cheryl]Millionaire Next Door, by Cheryl Phipps

After a disastrous marriage, Sacha Prentiss gave up on love. Being a great interior designer is all she needs. That resolve is seriously tested, when sexy Lucas Marshall moves in next door. Soon everything she thought was important pales in comparison, as he shows her an alternative life. One she’d never imagined.

Lucas fell for his beautiful neighbour after one look. Smart and drop dead gorgeous, Sacha’s built a wall around herself that he’s determined to climb. Although, what starts out as a challenge, turns into something he hadn’t anticipated.

Could it be that he wants her heart and not just her body?

What You Can

What You Can’t Take Back, by Melinda P. Cordell

To Zanny, being in seventh grade is like having a bit part in Village of the Damned. After mortifying herself for the millionth time, she makes a desperate wish for a defender and friend. She never expects her older self to show up – especially not as a ghost fresh from a car wreck. Seventh grade was bad enough, but now Zanny is frantic to change her future so she doesn’t die young.

To top it off, Zanny’s ghost warns her that in two days, a tornado will rip into a dance hall, killing three classmates: Big Mike, the cousin who is going out with Zanny’s worst enemy; Jake, the boy she has a crush on; and Liza, the one girl who was nice to her during her darkest days of seventh grade. Zanny has to go against her shy, scared nature to sabotage the dance by any means necessary.

Cover for Desired: Maya & Ben's Spin-off novellaDesired, by May Freighter

Maya hates being a demon. So when an opportunity arises to ditch her duties as a High Councillor in the Dome and return to the Human Realm, she takes it.

But what started off as a journey to see her old hunting partner and tell him her true feelings winds up in a battle to save humanity from an Archdemon Tanatos who also slipped through the Demon Gate. Before that demon becomes too strong, she must eliminate him. It may be a suicide mission, and she’ll willingly do it with the only man on her mind—Ben.

Tell me what you think!

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Virtually Harmless

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