Tattooed Teardrops

I just finished the first draft of a new YA novel, “Tattooed Teardrops” tonight. This is a book that I started on a while ago, seat of the pants, no plot or outline. Unfortunately, I got stuck writing backstory and didn’t know where the main book was going. So I sat down in December and worked through the Snowflake Method to get a basic plot outlined, set up a beat sheet with the main action, and dove back into it, much more excited! I aimed to get it done by the end of January, at a casual pace, but it came together a bit more quickly than that!

So without further ado, here’s a bit of a teaser for you:

Tattooed Teardrops

YA novel
77,000 words

“I don’t plan on getting in any trouble.”

Tamara had thought that when she got out of juvie, things would be easier. But before long, it seems like her life is spiraling into chaos. If she can’t prove to her probation officer that she is innocent of the allegations against, she’s going back to prison, and she just can’t let that happen.

Tattooed teardrops2

Tell me what you think!

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