Stand Alone

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Justine Bywater is a rebellious young skateboarder. She hates her life and her mother, and has just recently lost her best friend in a boarding accident. Justine seeks escape by pretending to be someone else, and by squatting in abandoned houses, fighting recurrent nightmares of abandonment. She is convinced that she doesn’t belong in her family, and eventually runs away, determined to find out what “really happened” to her as a baby. Her journey of self-discovery leads to new acquaintances and experiences, and eventually, to the truth. She meets her father, and Officer Frank Sylvan, who can finally give her the answers she’s looking for.

93,000 words, YA Fiction

Status: Just finished the first draft for July 2013 Camp Nano. It was a challenge to keep up with my word quota while on a family holiday, but I succeeded.  Currently back-filling some scenes, doing some editing, and letting it season a bit.

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He Was Walking Alone

(Book #4) Richard Harding was walking alone when he was struck by a vehicle and died. A tragic accident that was no one’s fault.

But if that was so, then why was his girlfriend so sure that it was intentional homicide? Zachary Goldman is on the case. With Christmas approaching, he is as determined to distract himself from his own troubles as he is to ferret out the truth of Harding’s death. 

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