Show me your #catitude

I am working on a spin-off series from my Auntie Clem’s Bakery series and like the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series, it features a cat. In book two, Starlight the tuxedo cat is showing some significant “cat attitude” or catitude toward his owner/careperson.

I am looking for some inspiration from you! Show me your pictures, videos, cat memes, and share stories of your cat’s catitude! Is your cat a grumpy cat? Garfield? A sneak thief?

While you can share in the comment space below, if you have videos or gifs to post, the best place to share is probably on my Facebook page or tweet @pdworkmanauthor with #catititude

I look forward to seeing your shares!


  1. Kenda Kaiser says:

    My Dolly is my cat with attitude. Just today she say on my nightstand and purposely knocked my lighter into the floor, watching it go down. Then she looked at me, turned around and lay down. I opened the drawer and got another lighter. She looked straight at me, jumped down and left the room. Another time I heard a cabinet door slamming several times. When I got up to see what my babies were up to, I found her laid stretched out on the floor in front of the cabinet, effectively keeping another cat from leaving the cabinet!

  2. Virginia says:

    I have two Siamese cats that showed up at my door. One around 5 years ago and one about 7 months ago. Both were kittens around 3-4 months old when they chose to come live with me. As you may know Siamese have more attitude then “normal ” cats. Since both are female they chose to not like each other. So one lives in my office the other ( 11month kitten ) lives in main part of house. The kitten stalks my dogs and goats. The puppy and her wrestle and steal toys from each other. But she becomes mean if around another cat.

  3. Beverly Namath says:

    I am an 86 year old cat lover so I love all your pictures and books. I hads to leave m y cat, a beautiful black MUTE Siamese when I moved into a “Senior Living” facility where pets are not allowed. Dumb Rule! So I kind of put myself into your cat books. I’m sorry I can’t afford to buy more of the books and then donate to our in house library.
    Beverly Namath

  4. how do i post a photo of my cat there are no links or anything to show

Tell me what you think!

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