Reading the Book of Mormon one day at a time: release of The Book of Mormon 365-Day Reader

book-iphone-mockupReading the Book of Mormon in a year is a common goal for many LDS members. Many of you will be setting goals to read it again beginning January 1. With that in mind, I have released this special edition of the Book of Mormon, the Workman Family Classics 365-Day Reader.

This edition of the Book of Mormon has been split into 365 readings and all that is left for you is to open the book. Read the Book of Mormon by yourself, with your family, or a study group. Space has been provided for your thoughts and study notes.

This Workman Family Classic edition contains:

• Background/Introduction
• Reading schedules
• Family reading strategies
• Extension activities suitable for families, personal study, students or book clubs

Some additional notes:

There are downloadable Bonus Materials available for this book.

If you purchase a paperback or hardback edition available through Amazon, you also qualify to get the Kindle version through Kindle Matchbook for $1.99.

I have made a special spiral-bound, lay-flat edition of The Book of Mormon 365-Day Reader available through Lulu.

Tell me what you think!

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