New Releases – Muffins Masks Murder and More

It’s new release day! Today you can get book #10 of the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series, Muffins Masks Murder. I’ve rounded up a few more releases that you may be interested in as well.

Muffins Masks Murder

Back in Bald Eagle Falls, Erin needs a vacation from her vacation. But she doesn’t get much of a chance to relax and get back to normal before the unthinkable happens.

This time, she is not the suspect in a murder investigation, her sweetheart Officer Terry Piper is. Could he have been pushed too far by drug runner Bo Biggles? Did he cross the line? Or is it someone else in the community, someone who might be close to Erin?

Jail is not a safe place for a cop, and Erin is desperate to figure out the guilty party before Terry is taken into custody.


And Mmmore

I have pulled together a baker’s dozen of other new releases (okay, I lied, there are actually 14.) Have a look and see what looks good!

Bullets and Beads

It’s Mardi Gras time and Fortune is looking forward to seeing the spectacle firsthand, but when a visitor to Sinful is murdered during the celebration there, Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie can’t help but wonder what happened. As they start looking into the woman and the family in Sinful she came to visit, their investigation sends them to New Orleans, right at the height of the Mardi Gras celebration. But instead of relaxing a little and enjoying the festivities, Fortune can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched.

When she catches sight of her father in the Mardi Gras crowd, she knows why.

Unfortunately, her father’s presence in Louisiana has brought with it a host of terrorists, all with only one thing in mind—locate and terminate Dwight Redding.

Adorable Fat Girl in Lockdown

Mary Brown is in lockdown. She’s worn nothing but pyjamas for weeks, and is living on a diet of cake and wine. She’s rarely up before midday and spends her time watching every box set that she can get her hands on.

Then: she has an idea… instead of just eating the cake, why doesn’t she judge it?

She should organise a World Cup of Cakes. With Juan, her trusty sidekick, she sets up the competition with meticulous detail, and the whole thing goes viral.

Featuring: home dyed hair, talking to potatoes, Piers Morgan, internet shopping, an amorous neighbour, an angry ex-boyfriend and birdwatching. Oh, and loads of cake.

A Mew Beginning

With all the changes in her life, Cait is left with a feeling of dread she can’t quite define. On one hand she has reason to be feeling a level of stress. The effort to reopen the bookstore has been stalled, she is still trying to adjust to her move from her cabin into Mr. Parsons home, and Finn is having little luck investigating a series of disappearances that appear to be ongoing.

Still, even with all of that, Cait feels certain that none of these situations is actually at the root of the tension building in the pit of her stomach. Her feelings of dread, she feels certain, are more of a warning, that something bad is about to happen, and no matter how hard she tries, she’s not going to be able to prevent this terrible thing from happening.


It’s 1925.  
Scarlet Haslewood is a con artist.

Besides perfectly baked pastries and strong coffee, she has a fondness for stealing things.  But she knows that stealing the most famous painting in the world would be pointless.  

After all, what can you do with it once the world finds out it’s missing?  Hide it in your closet? She’d rather use that space for her hat collection. 

So instead of stealing the Mona Lisa, Scarlet’s going to sell it. 

Murder at Rover Meadows

Dog walker and pet sitter Nikki Green loves her job. She enjoys spending time with her best friend, Sonia Whitter, and her boyfriend, Detective Quinn Grant. But with Quinn busy testifying in a court case in another town and Sonia going on a last-minute trip to Rover Meadows, a small, picturesque town, to try and save her late husband’s property from being sold to developers, Nikki realizes she has a lot of spare time on her hands.

But not for long…. Soon after Sonia leaves, Nikki gets a frantic call from her to come and take care of her precious Chihuahua, Princess, because Sonia has been accused of murder! Nikki drops everything and with Coco, the loyal German Shepherd, and Spots, the boisterous Dalmatian, in tow, she goes rushing to Rover Meadows to help out with Princess and clear Sonia’s name before she lands up convicted of murder. But with a grouchy detective on the case, most of Sonia’s family believing she is guilty and evidence piling up against her, Nikki realizes that she might have bitten off more than she can chew.

It is a race against the clock to find the murderer before Sonia lands up behind bars permanently!

Dangerous Revenge

It was his first time…

…being grilled by Internal Affairs.

Could Luca clear his name in time?

As a new gang, pushing a deadly and addictive drug cocktail, threatens the city, Luca is on the sidelines. Yes, mistakes were made. He should have vetted the informant better and his partner shouldn’t have gone in alone. The shooter was dead, but there were two problems.

The guilt about his partner was killing him…

…and the man who ordered the hit was still out there.

Riddle Me This

Detective Kate Rosetti is not a big fan of February 14th. Even worse than gigantic bouquets of roses and buckets of chocolate, however, are the love notes she’s been receiving from the murderer who very nearly stole her life.

Unfortunately, a peaceful Valentine’s Day isn’t in the cards for Kate Rosetti. When she gets the news that the infamous serial killer Ramone Wilkes has escaped from prison, she knows the chances are good that he’s making his way north to the streets of St. Paul to finish the job he started two years ago.

Capturing Ramone “The Dentist” Wilkes during his first killing spree was no breeze, and this time, luck might not be on Kate’s side…

Fatgirl: Fake News

The good, the flab, and the fake …

Kallie Grande-White literally can’t take this anymore — even though she has to. As Fatgirl, her city’s famous superhero, she’s pretty sure she’d die of embarrassment if anyone else knew the truth.

So when local news anchorwoman Gynnifer Stills makes it her ultimate career goal to discover Fatgirl’s real identity — recruiting the unwitting help of some former Alterants, including Blake Turner — Kallie is faced with overwhelming pressure, especially as AB doesn’t offer much help, and even Zeus seems distracted …

Cocktails and Cowardice

Julia’s memories of her great-aunt Minnie Harlow are vague at best. Despite annual birthday and Christmas cards throughout her childhood, Julia has never actually met the glamorous former model and actress, so she was more than a little surprised to find out her great-aunt was alive and well and living in the south of Spain.

Her surprise only grew when her gran, Dot, informed her that Minnie’s boutique hotel, La Casa, which she ran with her daughter, Lisa, would be the stunning location of their much anticipated joint honeymoon along with Barker and Percy. Halfway through her pregnancy, Julia was looking forward to the sun, sea, alcohol-free sangria, and hopefully no sleuthing, and she also couldn’t wait to get to know her distant relatives.

But their reunion and honeymoon quickly take a turn for the worse when they arrive in the gorgeous town of Savega nestled in the tree-covered mountains. Savega has secrets, and Julia can smell them. Why is Minnie terrified of leaving her hotel? Why is Lisa pressuring her mother to sell? A ransom note, a stabbing, and suspected gang activity set Julia, and her private investigator husband, Barker, on their hardest and most personal case yet. Will they ever get to have the honeymoon they deserve?


The last thing Ash expects when she lands in Clearwater, Florida is to be stalked by a troubled teenager. If that’s not bad enough, she is caught in a shooting spree next to the nearby elementary school.

The cops think it’s an attempt at mass killing, but Ash wonders if the only victim was specifically targeted by the killer. Will she manage to identify him and have him arrested before he comes after her?

Cornflowers and Corpses

Pink’s Flowers is in the middle of a busy bridal season, and Lacey is struggling to find a replacement for her irreplaceable assistant Ryder Kirkland. In the midst of dealing with quirky, incompetent and occasionally just unpleasant new floral assistants, Lacey finds her focus and time once again taken up by murder.

The West Coast Bird Watching Society has come to town for some birding frivolity and excursions. When one of the members winds up dead, Lacey and her super nose jump into action. The victim had plenty of enemies and not many friends so theories and accusations take flight. Detective Briggs and Lacey must untangle the clues to find the killer.

Gone to Ground

Maisie Frobisher and Inspector Hamilton are planning a triumphant return to England; but when the Viceroy of India says no, that’s that.

Inspector Hamilton is chained to his desk trying to uncover the network of operatives who are sowing discord through leaked information. Maisie, resenting the Viceroy’s intervention, refuses to help. However, a mysterious stranger turns out to be a face from Maisie’s recent past who holds a key to the mystery. And she will only speak through Maisie…

Leopard is still at large, in the hope that he will lead to bigger cats still, but Inspector Hamilton envies Maisie her position at the centre of the drama. And amongst the small talk, an ally is murdered…

Now, with the network seeming to grow stronger by the minute, Maisie and the Inspector must put aside their feelings and even their loyalties to get at the truth behind the smokescreen of lies.

Fashion, Rose & Foul Play

Emmy Oak has always been a fan of her best friend Ava’s handmade silver jewelry. So when Ava gets a chance to showcase her pieces at a charity fashion show for Wine Country’s elite, both women are thrilled. That is, until the model wearing Ava’s custom emerald necklace is murdered after her runway walk and the gem is stolen! The theft of the expensive jewel means Ava could lose everything, including her shop, Silver Girl… unless Emmy can help her track down a killer and find the missing emerald!

While the enticing Detective Grant might be looking at the death as a burglary-gone-wrong, Emmy isn’t so sure that’s the case. The model’s name was Gia Monroe, and Emmy quickly learns that she made her fair share of enemies in life. From the flamboyant designer overheard threatening her just before the fashion show, to her agent with a shady secret and a precarious hold on his talent, to an eccentric rival designer with a grudge, no one seems to be grieving Gia’s death.

And when Emmy discovers Gia may have had a mysterious stalker, she realizes any one of them could have murdered the model. Between running her small winery and navigating the catty world of high fashion, Emmy tries to stay one step ahead of the danger…before the killer strikes again!

Steeped in Suspicion

When Rosemary Woodmere inherits her estranged grandmother’s Victorian teahouse, she doesn’t expect to also inherit a ghost named Asher from the 1920s.

Things get weirder for Rosemary.

Her grandma was supposedly murdered.
A body washes up on the beach, and the police suspect her of the man’s murder.
She’s trying to navigate her newfound ability to talk to ghosts.
And she doesn’t even know the first thing about tea.

Rosemary’s experience as a librarian hasn’t prepared her to solve a murder, but everyone around her is steeped in suspicion, and she has to find the truth before someone else ends up dead.


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