National Creativity Day

May 30 is National Creativity day, a day to embrace your creativity and to foster it in those around you. What’s your thing?

If you follow my blog, you already know the creative outlet that I exercise the most: writing! I have been writing since I was a child. My mom kept little stapled construction-paper books that I scribbled in before I could even read or write. I have many stories that I wrote when I was young, a bunny book that I wrote when I was nine, and I wrote my first full-length novel when I was twelve.

I also love art. I started taking art lessons when I was twelve and took art as an option throughout junior high and high school. I don’t do much sketching or drawing anymore, but I do take pictures and design my book covers and my social media graphics.

I also enjoy creative cooking. I don’t do fancy cakes like my sister in law, but I read recipe books like novels, and when I want to cook something new, I often read several different recipes for that dish, and then come up with my own. Since I am vegan, grain-free, and have multiple allergies and intolerances, I rarely find a recipe that I can make without adapting in some way.

Creative Friends

I asked my friends on Facebook about how they like to create, and here are some of the answers. Maybe you’ll see something that inspires you to find up a new creative outlet.

Jennifer Spooner England Love this!❤️ Knitting and crocheting are how I love to express my creativity. Grateful my maternal grandmother (Nanny) taught me how when I was little. ❤️

Jennifer Spooner England I, also, love to cook and bake. I’ve been baking since my childhood. Inspired by my Mom and Nanny. Some of my first cookbooks were given to me in the 80’s. ❤️

Nanita Witherspoon I love cooking and baking. I find I’m the most creative when trying new recipes. I love being risky by veering away from the actual recipe and making it my own.

Bev Perks I too love to write and I love to paint I use other mediums oil pastels soft pastels sometime I will share with you more in depth my hands are about crippled now but I can still work with calligraphy pens and love to work with ink

Grace Cox I have a pretty broad range of interests..I love plants.. mostly house plants. I love learning about them and I’m looking to add some that I’ve never grown before. I have some really good ideas for flower pots and a myriad of other ideas I’m wanting to try when I have the space to do it..but for now I fills that need to create.

Joanne Macgregor I write, of course, but I also cook and do flower arranging as expressions for my creativity. 🌻

Image may contain: food

Juanita Court I decided to try my hand at getting better at cake decorating. I think it turned out well. Adin likes it.

Terry Grusendorf Creativity is laying in bed first thing in the morning thinking of all the cool things to do for the day. Design a new quilt, decorate the house one room at a time, make straw rockets for the kitties to chase…..amazing what creativity lies in your daydreams just waiting to escape!!

Okay, I had to look up what straw rockets are, they’re pretty cool:

More ideas

Need some more inspirations for things to do for National Creativity Day? Here are a couple most posts:

Tell me what you think!

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