Fairy Blade Unmade and other new releases

Reg Rawlins is back!

Fairy Blade Unmade is book #7 in the Reg Rawlins, Psychic Investigator series. It can be read as a standalone or enjoyed as part of the series. If you like your mystery with a side of magical adventure, be sure to pick it up.


Fairy Blade Unmade

Don’t take a pixie on a road trip.

Reg Rawlins is taking things one day at a time, which is the best way to approach life when your perception of reality has been shattered beyond recognition. Running her business, learning how to manage her new gifts, and trying to train a rambunctious kitten are about all she can manage.

She definitely doesn’t need to be dealing with a magically-injured fairy, an expedition to the Blue Ridge Mountains, or getting the cooperation of yet another magical species.


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And more new releases

Here are a few more new releases for you to check out!

The Hex Files

The end is near. Detective Danielle DeMarco is challenged with her most intense case yet, and along with it, she inherits a host of personal problems. When a sorcerer is found dead in The Emporium, a spell shop brimming with magical potions, elixirs, and tinctures, Dani and her new tagalong, Primrose, are on the case.

However, work turns personal when someone close to Dani is poisoned. To make matters worse, another of Detective DeMarco’s closest friends vanishes, her boyfriend is hiding something, and there is a new threat to the borough more dangerous than any in history.

Spring Scribe

Daisy McFarland, a retired teacher from North Carolina living in the English village of Worlingburgh, is suffering from spring fever.

Literally. An advert for an inexpensive stay in a lovely, coastal Victorian inn fits the bill for rest and recuperation from a severe case of the flu. With her larger-than-life cat, Pillow, in tow, she makes her way to the seashore town of Aldeburgh.

Settling into the idyllic room at the inn, Daisy expects a quick recovery. What she doesn’t expect is to meet the handsome, retired military officer Mark Stranger, discover that two murders occur shortly after her arrival and ultimately find herself in grave danger.

A Taste for Magic

When a diner at Bella Vita nearly drops dead during dinner service, nobody believes it was an attempted murder. Kinsley has to go out on a limb to find the answers before the would-be killer strikes again.

A Tasted for Magic is book five in the Familiar Kitten Mysteries cozy mystery series. You’ll find no swearing, gore, or adult situations, but you will find magic, mystery, and a hint of lighthearted mayhem.

Freaky Seas

Mystic Caravan Circus is heading to Charleston and – per usual – trouble is not far behind.

For Poet Parker, who is grappling with saying goodbye to her assistant, she’s looking forward to quiet nights on the beach and quality time with her boyfriend. All that changes when the sea starts giving up its dead … and they appear to be hungry.

Under normal circumstances, zombies wouldn’t be a big deal. They’re slow, lumbering, and easy to dispatch. This infestation is different … and they appear to be controlled by a strange creature long since thought extinct.

Every Trick in the Book

Turning over a new leaf doesn’t always go according to plan…

When Jemma James takes a job at Burns Books, the second-worst secondhand bookshop in London, she finds her ambition to turn it around thwarted at every step. Raphael, the owner, is more interested in his newspaper than sales. Folio the bookshop cat has it in for Jemma, and the shop itself appears to have a mind of its own. Or is it more than that?

Gradually Jemma starts to make a difference … and then the anonymous letters start arriving. 

Paranoia Pixies & Prophecies

If there was one thing I’d learned over the last few months, it was that absolutely nothing lasted forever.

Which was probably why I’d been so surprised when Hunter announced he was staying in Portland. I couldn’t help but think, and hope, that it had something to do with me, a forty-year-old divorcee who was half witch and half fae.

Or maybe that was just a pipe dream.

Either way, a new hunk isn’t the only thing that’s changed in my life within the last forty-eight hours. For starters, I freed an elf from prison based solely on the fact that he knew my grandfather’s name. And then that elf promptly had some sort of magical heart attack, leaving me to wonder just what the heck is going on in the world of the fae.

Where Dogs Rule

With a real sense of urgency, four close friends return to their respective homes only to discover that nothing is quite the way they’d left it. Their family members are behaving strangely and their dogs, in particular, are far different than they ever imagined could be possible.

A Little Bit Chilly

Description for this block. Use this It’s summertime in Riddler’s Edge, so how come it feels so chilly?

While the town prepares for a performance of The Snow Queen: The Musical, some very frosty murders occur. Have the victims been frozen by an over-enthusiastic air conditioner, or is there magic involved?

Aisling will need her friends to help her crack this case, so it’s a little unfortunate that Dylan is avoiding them all. He also has a secret visitor at the lighthouse, and Aisling is itching to get to the bottom of that little mystery, just as soon as she stops the entire town from freezing to death…

Gators and Garters

Ida Belle, Fortune, and Gertie are gearing up for the big day—Ida Belle’s wedding to Walter—but when the caterer goes missing just a week before the big day, it puts a huge black mark on the joyous celebration. Molly Broussard is no stranger to being in the limelight, so when the former cage fighter turned in her boxing gloves for pots and pans, everyone who knew her was surprised…until they ate her food.

From all appearances, Molly took her boat out that day and simply never returned. An extensive search of the bayous finally produces the boat, but there is no sign of Molly. With no evidence of foul play, Sinful residents are ready to conclude that this is simply another tragic and all-too-common accident.

Renovation Spell

Even though Clementine is dealing with upheavals in her life (encountering an evil wizard from her past, talking dog), she is determined to keep things normal–meaning, business as usual. But when a house cleansing goes terribly wrong and someone winds up murdered, keeping things normal seems to be a pipe dream. To make matters worse, Clementine is the only witness to the crime. And when the body disappears, no one believes that a murder was ever committed.

But Clementine is convinced that a crime took place and she is determined to catch the killer. To add on even more mayhem, Malene Fredericks wants her help spying on their neighbor, Clem’s dog can now talk, and Rufus Mayes is still hanging around looking for the memory spell that she has hidden. As Clem sorts out her feelings for Rufus and searches for a killer, she finds herself entangled in a darker mystery than she ever imagined. And when everything comes to a head, Clem finds herself face-to-face with danger. Will she escape, or will she become the next victim?

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