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I just finished reading the short book 30 Red Dresses by Johan Twiss. This is a book that was featured in my post on books about human trafficking in January, and it caught my eye. If you’ve been reading my work for a while, especially my young adult fiction, you know that human trafficking, street kids, and abuse are topics close to my heart. While this story focuses on Cambodia, human trafficking is happening all over the world, including North America. Young girls and boys are particularly vulnerable, and while the majority are lured, others are kidnapped or are sold or bartered by their families.

It is an uncomfortable topic to read about, but Twiss handles it well and it is not explicit. There are many heroes in this book and it does (SPOILER) have a happy ending. Unfortunately, in real life, many of these kids do not have happy endings.

Veata froze, her face flushed with anticipation at the unexpected birthday surprise. She had spent her entire life in their small village and this would be her first trip to Phnom Penh…

Johan Twiss, 30 Red Dresses

I did not expect to be sold into slavery, especially on my birthday. 

While on a book tour in Cambodia, author James Moore unwittingly seeks refuge in a brothel to escape a devastating flash flood. He and his translator witness the atrocities of girls forced into prostitution, including a young child with a special gift. Together, they fight to not only save the girls from the rising floodwaters, but from the menacing brothel owner and his men.

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