There are things about himself that Henry can’t hide.  Schoolwork comes easier to him than most kids, he’s too thin and gangly for his own body, he has to wear glasses to see two feet in front of himself.  In short, he’s a nerd – though he prefers the word “geek”.There are other things that he struggles to hide from everyone else.  A past that won’t stay forgotten, a mother who can’t take care of him or his baby brother as she struggles against her demons, and Henry’s own weaknesses and temperament.  Things are getting harder, and Henry is really not prepared for what’s ahead.  How is he going to hold it all together through the serious challenges yet to come?

46,000 56,000 words, YA fiction

Status: A good little story I wrote a few years ago.  Holds together well, but needs a bit of work to expand it and bring it up to snuff.  I am currently working on a rewrite. Just finished a rewrite!

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