Can I Just Write All Day?

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I have so much writing, re-writing, and editing that I want to do now.  Right now. Projects that are active right now include:

Looking Over Your Shoulder – settled on my new title, sent out to two people for editing, and engaged a cover artist to design an eBook cover for me.  Worked on reformatting for publication to Kindle.  Also looking at possibilities for publishing trade paperback and audiobook versions.  It feels like it’s taking too long.  I want to get it done and get onto the next book!

Ruby, Through the Cracks – I’m doing a read-through of this one right now.  It’s a good story, but in need of some rewriting and polish. The rewrite will take longer than my recent rewrite of Deception (below), as it’s about three times as long, and I’ll probably add another 20,000-30,000 words in the rewrite.  This one will probably be the first of a series (there is already one sequel and a lot of back story),  and I need to pick a name for the series.  The rewrite will take a couple of weeks, at least.

Deception – I just did a rewrite of Deception.  It’s a fairly short read, but engaging. Also the first of a series, and I need both a new name for the book, and a name for the series.  When I was only writing for myself, all of my books were just called by the name of the protagonist, and I didn’t have to worry about titles!  This one is pretty good and can probably go out for editing once Looking Over Your Shoulder is out.

Stand Alone – Stand Alone is my newest novel, and a very good one at that!  I wrote it in July, left it for a month, and picked it up for re-read over the weekend.  It is tight and well-plotted, and an enjoyable book.  It will need some editing, of course, but nothing negative jumped out on re-read.  I’m eager and excited to get this one published.

That may be all of the books that I’ve posted as projects on this website so for, but I have also been working the last few days on:

Tamara – an unfinished work about a girl (convicted murderer) who gets out of juvenile detention and tries to return to a normal life. So far I have more back story written than the actual story line, but I’m having some fun with exploring the character.  I have not plotted this one out yet, it is currently just character driven.  But it needs some proper structure if it’s going to go anywhere!

Steven – rewrote this one and ran through edits and a considerable amount of back story over the last month.  It is in pretty good shape, and I should work on some concept covers and titles next.  I need to develop a good description, hook, back cover, etc.  Steven is a teen who has been charged with killing his abusive father.  What is the only thing worse than being charged with murder?  Not knowing whether or not you did it…

The problem is, I don’t have time to do it all right now!  I’d like to get three of these books published before the end of the year.  And there are only three months left, if you take out November, when I’ll be writing my next book for NaNoWriMo.  In addition to the work I am doing on these projects, I need to work on marketing, blogging, and social networking.  Next week I re-start homeschooling.  That will take a good portion of my “free” time.  And my responsibilities at church have changed, resulting in a steep learning curve, even if they don’t take any more time than my previous responsibilities.  But you know what I’d like to do instead?  I want to write all day.  No marketing, no homeschooling, no day job, no other responsibilities.  Just write… all day… write all kinds of great stuff, and do nothing else…

I just wanna write…

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Tell me what you think!

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