CampNano Draft #1 complete at 94,733 words

word counterThe headline and the graphic say it all! I just finished draft one of my new novel, tentatively titled “Once Bitten, Not Shy”. It came in at 94,733 words, but that could change a bit during the revision process. The ending had me choking up, but I don’t want to say too much and give anything away. No spoilers here!

Today is April 21, and I began promptly on April 1. Less three Sundays, I completed it in 18 days. That’s roughly 5,200 words per day. With other NaNo novels, I have had 8,000-10,000 word days early on, but my schedule didn’t allow that this time. Today though, I did put in nearly 9,000 words.

Now that I have the entire storyline pulled together, I’ll run back through it to look for any structural defects, polish up some of the scenes, add any pieces that might be missing, etc. Then it will be on the shelf to season for a month or so. I need to get to work getting “Diversion” (sequel to “Deviation“) ready for my beta readers to that I can aim for publication in June. Gotta get it done before July Camp NaNo! Do you want to read a pre-release copy and give me your feedback? Contact me and I’ll get you one!cover-1

Here is my initial cover concept for “Once Bitten, Not Shy”. I will be thinking as I run through it again what I want on the final cover.



Tell me what you think!

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