The Life of Our Lord

by Charles Dickens, Workman_Family_Classics
The Life of Our LordGenres: Inspirational, Middle Grade

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This story of the life of Christ is perfect for families to read together, and has been specially formatted into 24 short readings suitable for reading during December. Sit back and listen to the master storyteller Charles Dickens share the life of our Lord with his children.

+ About The Life of Our Lord

Written by Charles Dickens for his Children

The last published book of Charles Dickens, read to his children for Christmas every year, has been divided into twenty-four readings for you to read from December 1 to 24. Experience the master storyteller’s magic all over again this Christmas season.

This Workman Family Classic edition contains:

• Background/Introduction
• Biography
• Footnotes
• a scriptural passage and discussion question after each day’s reading
• Extension activities