NaNoWriMo Milestone



As you can see from my counter over at the right, I have reached 50,000 words.  So I have officially “won” NaNo this year.  But, my goal is 100,000 words or the end of the book, so I am actually only halfway there.  “By-Pass” is coming along nicely, but there is still some good stuff to work through.

I also got back my eBook cover designs for the series (3 books) yesterday and have to do some work to get the back cover copies ready.  So, time to get back to work here!

P.S. I also had to come back to post that I’ve earned all of my NaNo badges:

nano badges



  1. Congratulations on getting 1/2 way to your goal. It was nice to visit with you yesterday evening, and hear your excitement and enthusiasm about doing this. I look forward to reading your books soon…

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